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Weekly Guidance Messages for September 25th to October 1st, 2017

Hello to all you Amazing People out there reading this post. Thank you for being here. I hope these weekly guidance messages are serving you well and that you are able to gain perspective and get some guidance out of them. Let’s get started with the messages for the upcoming week. This is the last week of September (Time flies) and for this week, I drew two cards. One asking about the energy of the week and two, asking for guidance on how to best navigate through this energy. The cards that came up are Two of cups and Temperance.

Before I dive deeper into these two cards, let me begin by saying that so many of us are on a path of healing and next week, we could make some breakthroughs in our personal lives, heal our relationships and find more balance.

Partnership is going to be a big theme next week, folks. You may meet someone new on a romantic, personal, or a professional level. Reconciliation is possible as you let go of past grudges and practice forgiveness.

Now, Temperance guides us to seek balance. It is a card that reminds us that in order to get the best outcome, it is important to put our differences aside and work in tandem with others. Compromises and adjustments will be needed in your life at this time. Work through your differences with others when it comes to partnerships.

in an argument or a conflicted situation, find the middle ground. Sometimes, we miss seeing the big picture and alternatives because we are too absorbed in our own thoughts and believe our ideas to be the best and right ones. However, if you allow others to make suggestions and just hear what the other party has to say, you may discover an even more easier and effective way of dealing with the situation at hand. This week will present you with such lessons. Be open and willing to work as a team. Give others the chance to speak and share their viewpoints.

Temperance as our guidance for this week is also telling us that moderation will be important. Avoid overdoing anything. Because the two of cups is our theme card, you may want to pay attention to how you relate to others. A relationship works well when there is reciprocation. You don’t want to be the sole giver and doer in a relationship nor do you want to be the one who takes people for granted. Strike a balance. It may be time for you to do something nice and loving for those you care or it may be the time you allow them to do something for you.

Patience is also an important virtue that can help us all, this week. You may have heard about divine timing. It may sound irritating to some of you but really, what can you do, besides just wait, when something isn’t happening or going as per your expectations? Be patient while trusting in the higher power that nothing that has to come to you will be taken from you.

So, relationships, healing, patience, balance, and adjustments are some of the things to look out for this week, lovelies (Phew). Let’s move to career and work.


This is an excellent week for your business, work, and creative projects. That’s because the Ace of Pentacles brings with it the energy of something new and wonderful. This could manifest in our lives as a new job opportunity, a chance to increase our income, a new project or an offer of some kind which will open the doors of prosperity and success for us. The Ace of pentacles could also mean getting an incentive or appreciation that brings along some tangible rewards, if not now then in future. For many, payday is getting closer, so Yay!

Archangel Gabriel has an important message to share with us all with respect to our work – Pay attention to your dreams. To me, this card is not only speaking of our dreams when we are asleep but also our dreams that we want to bring to fruition. Yes, your sleep time will carry some important messages for you. Pay attention. Make sure you are not overextending yourself and getting caught up in the web of workaholism. Get enough sleep and rest.

You have the opportunity and the support to make your dreams come true, beautiful souls. What steps can you take this week in the direction of your goals? What help can you accept and use to your benefit when it comes to some of your goals? Nurture your plans. Believe that you can make it happen, for only then will you receive the necessary support from the cosmos, on your journey.

So, watch out for some Ka-ching making its way into your life, new opportunities, assistance for your dreams and goals, and  take note of your dreams when you are asleep. Keep a dream journal, if you can.

(Thank you, Archangel Gabriel)


For the topic of finances and abundance, we have a very important message this week from the Angels of Abundance – Declutter along with The Moon and the Fool card.

So many of us have read, practiced, and experienced the positive effects of de-cluttering. I start feeling more organized mentally and feel as though a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders whenever I declutter (with two cats in the house, every other day involves decluttering).

This week, get rid of all the things that you don’t need and bring more cleanliness and organization into your space. Because we are talking money and abundance, take time to clean up your wallet. Get rid of all the paid bills and stuff you don’t need. Clean up your space to make room for more positive Chi to flow in and get rid of stagnant energy.

With the Moon card, I also feel that we may need to get more settled in our minds and shift our negative thought patterns and beliefs related to money into positive ones. In short, de-clutter your mind, too.

Remembering our guidance earlier that spoke of balance from the Temperance card, strike a balance and practice moderation when it comes to spending money and giving into impulsive spending sprees. The Fool card is quite literally asking you to not be foolish with your money and instead, focus on engaging in a more need-based spending vs want-based spending.

The Moon also speaks of deception. Be wary of deceptive people and deals.

So, remember to clear the energy on a mental, physical, and emotional level around finances and abundance and avoid a carefree and casual spending attitude, this week, Spirit junkies.

(Thank you, Angels of Abundance)


I know many of you have been waiting for this topic to be covered and here it is. Now, guys, one cannot make up stuff like this. After countless shuffles and intentions set to God and the Romance Angels, the cards that came up for us as a collective are The 2 of cups (again) and the message of New Love. OMG! Love is in the air, people.

Okay, so first things first, many of us singles are going to be hit by cupid’s arrow and may come across an interesting person. Notice the people who come into your life this week. Open your heart and give them a chance. Love’s healing energy wants its way into your life, so open the doors and shed all barriers.

Now, that’s not all that is being conveyed here. I am also receiving the message that it is time for many of us, as painful as it may sound, to let go of an old, unhealthy, or even a dysfunctional relationship. Change can be a difficult thing. But don’t worry. You won’t be left alone or helpless. Your divine mission does not involve you living a lonely, celibate life (not if you want to) nor does it involve being caught up in a bad relationship. If you have been waiting for someone to come back, if you have been stuck in a toxic relationship, if things are just not working out in a partnership despite all your best efforts, spirit is guiding you to let go and embrace the energy of new love. Someone new is meant to be in your life. Clear the energy of the old and do it with grace.

If you are already committed and very much in love, your relationship could use some fresh ideas this week. Get creative. And if you are committed to someone and are also finding yourself attracted to someone else, it is time to heal your relationship with your current partner and take responsible steps, keeping in mind the long-term consequences of your actions. Use sound judgment and remember, always do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

So excited for this week, lovelies! Good Luck and push yourself out of your homes and comfort zones, for a change.


Now, remember how I was ranting earlier about this week being all about healing? Archangel Raphael brings us all the collective message of Recovery. How awesome is that?!

We all are on the road to recovery, my friends. Whether it is from an illness or an addiction, this week you will notice some important changes and shifts take place in your life.

It is interesting to see the King of Swords in the reading. I think of him as a surgeon or a qualified medical practitioner in this context. If there is a surgery scheduled for some of you this week, let God and your Angels by your side to support, aid, and uplift your energy. Archangel Raphael is blessing you with recovery and will lead you, if need be, to the right practitioners.

Now, some of us may have been on a confusing and difficult path the last few days or weeks with respect to our health and well-being. It could be the diet, a condition, an addiction or something that was causing our energy levels to go down and having a negative impact on our well-being. Whatever the situation, this week is about proactively making the choice to give up stuff that is the reason for your discomfort and accept help, both from people around you and from your Angels. You are coming out of this phase, dear ones. You are heading in the right direction.

Take note of the positive inspiration that comes your way this week. It may be a nudge to not smoke that extra cigarette. It may be a push to go on a walk or run. It may be a gentle whisper to not order a takeout and choose to eat some fresh and healthy foods, instead. Take note, really, and soon, you will be making big leaps of recovery. As Temperance was guiding us earlier, make moderation your mantra for this week. Cut down on unhealthy, junk food and substitute it with healthier options.

That’s all for this week, darln’s! Thank you for taking the time out to read this post and for your continued love and support. I hope the messages shared here bring blessings and guidance to you on your journey. I will be available all week along, from Monday to Saturday for reading. If you want to book one, you can write to me at Tarotwithsonn[email protected].

Have a fantabulous week ahead!

Sonnyaa Siingh

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