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Transit Moon in Pisces – Guidance Messages for 2nd to 4th October 2017

Beautiful People,

If you have been wondering why I have not posted as much lately, it is because I have been receiving a continuous message to rest and recharge. What is even better is that the Universe is also helping align my schedule accordingly. I have also been contemplating on some changes around the posts and how I can offer my best to you, given wherever I am on my path at the moment, and there are going to be some inclusions/exclusions depending on my guidance. On a personal level, although the Full Moon is still a few days away (on the 5th of October), I am strongly feeling the effects already.

But, this post is not about my rantings. I am writing this to talk about the upcoming lunar phase where Moon will make a transit into the zodiac sign of Pisces on the 2nd and will stay there until the evening of 4th (8:39 pm UTC). Moon is comfortable in this sign but there is a lot that can come up for us emotionally and intuitively during this watery phase. I drew a few cards for us all and the theme that emerged is so typical of a Moon + Pisces phase (the decks I have used are mentioned at the end of this post).

The next few days are going to feel a bit heavy for all you sensitive souls out there because right after swimming in Pisces territory, we have a Full Moon in the sign of Aries when we will feel more active, even impulsive, ready to take action. So, be very gentle with yourself and go easy-peasy the next few days, okay?

One of the messages that is coming up and is also very important during the Piscean Moon phase is to take care of our energy and draw healthy boundaries, where necessary. It is very easy to get caught up in other people’s drama or even end up becoming the over-giver because most of us will be driven by this genuine need to help others. But you know what happens when you overextend yourself right? You start feeling exhausted, in some cases, even unappreciated if there is no reciprocation from the other side, taken advantage of, pick up other people’s stuff and emotions, and lose balance in life.

Plan your schedule, wisely. Normally, most of us will simply feel like lazing, daydreaming, engaging in creative activities or giving away the reigns to our imagination. While yes, creativity is a positive trait of this moon phase and you will find plenty of inspirational ideas and insights, taking on too much right now will also not get you anywhere. So be inspired, let the ideas flow, allow your inner muse to lead you, but make sure you don’t take on too much work than you are feeling capable of handling and avoid giving into other people’s demands. You will have the time and inclination to take action and give foundation to your dreams and ideas when Moon partners up with Aries in the coming days.

Carve out some ‘’Me-time’’ for yourself and sink into your couch with a favorite book, take refreshing walks in nature, meditate, or do anything that relaxes you. A fast-paced, stressful activity is a complete no-no at this time, so try to avoid one, if you can.

Some of us are being guided to work closely with our throat chakra at this time. Your throat chakra is your seat of expression – both verbal and non-verbal. The parrot from the animal kingdom brings us the message to speak our truth and speak mindfully. As we will be in touch with our deepest emotions, this will be a good time to express your feelings and let out bottled emotions. But at the same time, you don’t have to do this in a hurtful manner. Words are like a double-edged sword that can cut or heal. Take into account the impact of your words on others, your relationships and the situations, before you utter them. Be honest with yourself about what you really want. Work with the feelings that start coming up during this phase.

We also have the Wolf bringing us the message to connect with our pack. We all have our own packs where we feel safe, loved, nurtured, and comfortable. If this is not how you feel within your pack, community, or circle of friends, now is a time to contemplate whether it is even worth being part of such a group. If not, say good riddance and be on your way. With rightly set intentions, The Universe will acquaint you with your pack.

You can even join a group of like-minded souls and work with the moon through meditations and rituals that you enjoy. A group activity can bring more positive effects so get together with your besties and BFF’s and plan something fun and relaxing at this time. “When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives’’ (Yup! Stole that from the Game of Thrones 😀 )

May these messages guide and serve you well at this time. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Decks used: The Universal Waite Tarot, Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards, and Self-care cards).

Sonnyaa Siingh 


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