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Guidance Message for October 25th 2017

Beautiful Souls,

Our guidance messages today come from the Two of Imps (wands), The Magician (again) and the Oracle card, Milk and Honey (makes my mouth water). The Magician is stalking us today as well, in a good way of course.

Here are my thoughts:

With the two of imps, today is about resolving conflicts, dear ones. Don’t let minor issues get out of your hand and grow bigger. Aim for harmony and balance. Even in an argument, try to find the middle ground and assert yourself in a peaceful way.

You may have the chance to step in as a leader and a peacemaker, today. Keep your judgment fair.

This seems to be a time of tremendous growth and potential. The Magician encourages us to take action and put our best foot forward when it comes to a project or venture. You have the skills and talent to excel in your chosen path. What’s holding you back? You will never make progress until you try. Be more proactive, today. No matter how tricky a situation may appear, you know you have a way of getting around it.

When I look at the two of imps and the Magician together, I get this message that you will need to be very diplomatic with your words, today. Don’t take sides but use your communication skills effectively to make an impact. There is a time when complete honesty is a must and times when you have to reserve your personal opinions for the greater good of all and your own progress. Now is the time to do the latter.

The message of ‘’Milk and honey” brings a positive sign that your needs are met and all is well. The abundance you are seeking is on its way and today, you may receive a significant sign or see some tangible results of your intentions. You are entering a positive phase, shiny soul. Keep your thoughts and intentions positive and positive results will meet you in return.

Love and Light,

Sonnyaa Siingh


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