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Guidance Message for October 26th 2017

Beautiful Souls,

Our cards for today are the 10 of Pumpkins (Pentacles), The High Priestess, and the color Rainbow which reads – Connect to Spirit in nature.

Fun times with the family are in store for many. Make time for your loved ones and take a break from being busy. Your loved ones need you, too. If you have the opportunity to connect with your family or loved ones, don’t miss it. Bond with your children or the kids in the family.

I also intuitively feel that a situation involving your family and personal finances is very close to being resolved. You will, at this time, need to rely on your intuition to find an answer, though. Trust your vibes.

The festive season has commenced and many of you must be busy shopping or saving money to shop later. While a celebration is sacred, don’t overdo with the spending right now. Keep a tab and manage your finances well. Think long-term and don’t get carried away by short-term pleasure.

Speaking of intuition, the High Priestess as a guide prescribes patience and a time of non-action. If you can keep calm and quiet your mind, you will find the best solutions and revelations. The truth can become clearer, if not easier to identify.

Today, don’t be hasty. Step back when situations seem too overwhelming and uncertain. Take some time off. You won’t lose anything by stepping back temporarily but you may lose some things if you let your impulses take over.

An important information or secret related to your family or someone in your family may also be revealed to some.

You will also benefit from listening to the wisdom-filled words of an elder member of your family. Do not ignore advice, especially when deep within you, it makes sense.

The Rainbow color is powerful and energizing as it carries the vibrations of so many different colors with it. Meditate on this color, today. Rainbow color is also associated with Archangel Raziel, the wizard Angel who is known to be the keeper of all esoteric knowledge and secrets. You can invite Raziel’s divine assistance into your life if you are seeking to learn something of importance by simply asking him to help, with a sincere heart.

Spending time out in Nature, taking a walk, listening to the chirping of birds, breathing in fresh air, and just absorbing the goodness of natural beauty around you can do wonders for your soul. It can refresh you and bring new ideas and insights. Your intuition will strengthen and this, in turn, will bring more clarity to you. Go on an early morning walk, if you can (or whenever time permits). If you live in a concrete jungle, then the best spot to connect to nature would be a public park.

Stay relaxed and do not jump to action, today. Think things through. Wait and observe and much more will be revealed to you.

Have a beautiful day dear ones!

Sonnyaa Siingh


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