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Inner Child Spread & Reading

Inner child work is close to my heart. We all carry some form of pain and unconscious pattern ingrained within us that goes back to mostly our childhood. This is a huge topic. So much can be written and spoken about it. And there are fairly good articles and resources out there that deal with this. So my focus here is to do a Tarot spread that helps us gain more understanding about who this inner child is, what it needs and where it needs to limit itself.

I did not design this spread but found it online at stillwedreamtarot.com. If you would like me to do this reading for you, feel free to drop me an e-mail and book your reading.

We draw six cards for the following positions. This is a real reading for a real person who we are going to call Jane Doe for the purpose of this reading (I’m not very creative with the name calling he he).

Card one: What is the personality of your inner child? 10 of swords
Card two: An area of life your inner child causes trouble in? Queen of cups
Card three: How to nurture yourself in that area? Queen of swords
Card four: Where to set limits on your inner child? Strength
Card five: Where to let your inner child run free? 9 of cups
Card six: Gifts that will come from healing your inner child? Knight of wands

Jane’s inner child looks pretty beat up looking at the 10 of swords card. This is someone who’s inner child did not find an outlet to express themselves in the world. There were too many tensions, negative affirmations, abuses, and negative thought patterns imprinted on this child’s mind at a very young age. I also get this feeling that Jane never really got to do much with her precious childhood self and felt beaten down in life. Every time she tried to rise, she was shunned and trampled. Sounds pretty rough!

Where is this mostly affecting her now? In her relationships with people. The Queen of cups and the Strength card read together here clearly show that Jane has turned into someone who just keeps giving and giving all the time to others. And she attracts needy people in her life who have trouble giving back but want to take everything from her. And she gladly gives until it exhausts her.

Jane has attachment issues in all her relationships. She has developed high sensitivity as a result of being treated very badly in her childhood. She has become a protector of sorts, a martyr, if you will, in her relationships and emotional connections.

Jane needs to develop the personality of the Queen of swords in order to heal this. Who is the Queen of swords? Traditionally, they call her the ‘’cold and bitter woman’’. But this is far from the truth. The Queen of swords is a practical-minded woman, who knows where to invest her energy and separate fact from fiction. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly and before giving anything to anyone, she demands that they prove their worth to her.

In contrast, instead of becoming the nurturer, the giver, the sensitive and clingy person that Jane has turned into, she needs to develop reasoning and be mindful of who she is giving her precious self and her energy to. She needs to start putting people to test and see if they are worthy of her and not the opposite. Instead of letting emotions dictate her moves, she should allow practicalities and facts to take the front seat. She should stop becoming emotionally invested in people and situations that have nothing to offer to her and don’t serve her interests well. Jane, in this case, should stop letting her emotions rule her and allow her mind to take over most times.

She has to become a little selfish in life. Look at the chap in the 9 of cups card. He is in a happy place. He is not taming any beasts nor is he busy pouring his energy out to others, unnecessarily. He has one person’s interest in mind and that is him. Jane must start questioning ‘’what’s in it for me?’’ rather than focus on making others happy. She doesn’t have to be their savior but rather, look out for herself at this stage. Because who else will, otherwise?

So what happens if Jane makes way for this shift to take place in her life? And here comes the Knight of wands. Not only will Jane feel more confident about herself but she will take over the reigns of her life and have more fun along the way. She will develop the passion to go after her dreams and not be dragged down by others who are vampires for her energy. She will remain interested in people and situations, but if it has nothing to offer her, she won’t waste her energy fixing someone. She will simply move on and focus on her dreams and passion. She will channel her energy in the right direction which will further develop her confidence and self-worth. In short, Jane will open herself up to many rich and vibrant possibilities in her life. And the best part is, she will be working on healing some of the wounds that her inner child has sustained. I say some because inner child work can be vast. Maybe this is where Jane needs to work right now and healing this aspect can then help her move onto what needs her attention next. We are all works in progress.

It is amazing how six cards from the Tarot could offer so much insight into our inner child. Go ahead and try out this simple yet profound spread for yourself or allow me to guide you through an inner child reading by booking a reading.


Sonnyaa Siingh


To book your inner child reading, write to [email protected]

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