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New Moon in Scorpio 2017 Guidance Messages

Hello Beautiful Souls,

It’s that time of the month when we prepare to let go of the old and manifest the new. It’s the phase of the New Moon which is taking place in the deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio on the 18th. It is being said that this is an intense New Moon and I couldn’t agree more because I have started feeling it’s effect for the past few days. I have been sleeping and napping longer than usual, feeling tired most part of the day, and even losing my cool a little bit, here and there. From what I am hearing, many are feeling this way, too (sigh).

During such times, I call on Archangel Michael to the rescue and Michael has been guiding me, consistently, to shield myself. Are you feeling overly sensitive and vulnerable too, lately? Meditate and call on Michael and Raphael to assist. They work wonders and will help you stay sane and balanced in an instant.

From the Oracle of Shadows and Light comes the message, An important end, a new beginning. We can see a green witch holding an hourglass in this picture with lightning in the background. Scorpio is a sign of transformation and depth. And my dear friends, this is an important cycle because a huge shift is underway for us all. Something is changing or is about to change. There is a powerful transformation taking place in all our lives. We may have bid adieu to relationships, habits, attachments, beliefs, jobs, etc and may be in search of something new and meaningful. An incident may have shaken up your world, forcing you to explore new paths. Yes. This is a time to bring an end to a part of your life and prepare to welcome the new.

What are you ready to release? Practice acceptance for what you cannot change, for what has happened, for what will never go back to being the way it used to be. Through acceptance, you make room for healing and a new beginning. But if you remain stuck and hold onto a memory or a belief that has no role to play in your growth and evolution, things will be tough. There are some of us who have learned to go with the flow and allow life to unfold naturally and then there are those of us who learn through suffering and pain. Choosing the path of suffering is not necessarily ‘wrong’. It may be what your soul needs in order to grow. But whatever growth lessons life is bringing you at this juncture, embrace it. Don’t fight it.

Let an important ending make way for a blessed new beginning. Acknowledge and let go!

The second part of this post is an interesting one because now, you will enter a moment of stillness and allow a number between 1, 2 and 3 to come to mind. Do not put in too many efforts. Just allow spirit to take over and lead you to a message that will serve you well at this time. Ready? Go ahead and still your thoughts and pick a number.

There are two parts to each message. One will be your Tarot guidance for this new moon and the other, a message from Archangel Michael.





Hey there, warrior! You have been struggling to keep it together lately. Looks like some challenges caught you off-guard. Suddenly, it may have felt like you are fighting against the world and everybody is out there to get you. But look at you! You are still standing tall packing a punch to all the obstacles.

Keep it going! You have the strength to push through this phase which is almost over. You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for and by tapping into your inner strength and knowing who you truly are, you will soon be victorious in overcoming the challenges that have come your way. Persist. You already have an upper hand in a situation of importance to you.

Archangel Michael brings you the message to have trust and look out for some wonderful allies who will be showing up to offer you support and strength. It can be hard for you to trust others. But right now, be open to receiving help. Be open to letting others help you.



This New Moon is going to help you heal in a big way, beautiful one. Look at the Star, look how it shines for you! This is a phase of renewal and restoration. A cleansing water bath or a dip in the ocean can be extremely healing for you right now. Strip away all negative notions and beliefs that you hold about yourself and surrender.

You now have the chance to dream big and manifest those dreams. Set your intentions wisely. Don’t settle for less. A wonderful new beginning is yours and your guidance is to keep the faith in the process. Know that your guides and angels are with you, guiding you to your best life. If something didn’t work out as you had expected, it’s alright. Don’t lose your heart. There is something better out there and synchronicity, serendipity, and opportunities will lead you to what is yours.

Let go of your fears. They are keeping you from manifesting your dreams and are negatively impacting your well-being. Meditate this New Moon and ask Archangel Michael to lift all dense and toxic energy from your energy field. Feel lighter and brighter.



Emotionally, this is going to be a testing time for you, lovely. You are being asked to gain perspective right now and ask yourself one simple question – Are you happy being where you are? Some of us force ourselves to believe that we are happy with someone or something even when we are not. Why? Maybe because we fear being alone. We don’t want to upset another. Or, we may be fearful of change. Very few have the courage to push out of the comfort zone and go in search of what truly makes us happy. You are one of them. Don’t hold back from walk away from anything that is not your cup o tea anymore. And if someone else is doing the walking away, let them go (for now).

This is a time to detach. Whatever is overwhelming you right now, know that you cannot find your peace and answers through attachment. You need some time alone to introspect. This New Moon is a good time to take your space and do some soul-searching.

Some of you may have to walk away from a cherished dream, a relationship, or a comfortable position. Whether this is temporary or permanent is hard to tell right now but allow this Scorpion new moon to help you get in touch with your true feelings and find what you are looking for. You have to embark on a journey of exploration if you want to find the answers. And sometimes, walking away is the best thing you can do to yourself.

Archangel Michael brings you a reminder that you and your loved ones are protected. Spend time this New Moon working with Michael clearing all the negative gunk and raising your shields. Imagine your loved ones safe and sound, in a bubble of protection.

I hope these messages resonate.

Blessed New Moon

Sonnyaa Siingh 


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