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Pick a number between 1 to 4 to reveal your guidance message for December 2017

Beautiful Souls,

Today, we enter the last month of the year 2017. December starts on an intense note with Mercury Retrograde and a Full Moon in Gemini on the 3rd. Let us start this month by choosing a guidance message that will help us the most during the course of the month.

I have drawn four sets of cards for us and all you have to do it pick a number between one to four, intuitively. Quiet your mind by focusing on your breath and breathe deeply. Notice what number between one to four draws your attention. Do not second guess and just go with it. You may even choose multiple numbers.

Once you have chosen your number(s), read the message below corresponding to that number.

Yes, these are general messages but try to look at the theme and the guidance for you. Let your heart understand what the message means to you, personally. If you would like a more personalized reading, I will be happy to do your reading. You can book your reading by writing to [email protected] or send me a PM.

I hope these messages serve you well and bring you strength, guidance, and inspiration as you make your way through December.

Number 1

Meditation, contemplation, and self-reflection are the keys to making the best of December. Do not be in a rush to take action. Bide your time. By taking a step back, you are not delaying things. Instead, you allow more guidance, information, and the best course of action to show itself to you. We are blessed with an active intuition. Whether we tune in or ignore our intuitive responses is up to us. Your intuition will find ways to communicate with you quite strongly this month. Listen. If you feel like your mind is being overrun by many thoughts, ideas, and emotions, engage in meditative practices. You will know the right way forward. Setting the right intentions is important to you at this time. Use the energy of the New Moon on the 18th to do this and be patient. Your inner world needs more attention than your outer world at this time and the rewards you will reap from connecting to this part of you will be immense in the days to come.

Number 2

The Universe works faster when you are having fun. You may be waiting to see the rewards and recognition for your past efforts and you will have them, with a little bit of persistence. Victory is yours. No matter how difficult situations have been in the past, you are about to cross the hurdles. Instead of letting stress, worry, and anxiety squeeze out your precious energy, find healthier ways to cope. Any activity that involves the movement of your body such as dancing, running, yoga, etc will be highly beneficial. Use these outlets or any other fun activity of your choice to channel out the stress-energy. Public recognition is also on the cards for some of you. Do not hold back from basking in the limelight.

Number 3

This month will bring new revelations and mental clarity. The truth about a matter will be out in the open. But the truth is like a double-edged sword and it does not necessarily lead to immediate happiness at all times. Yet, it helps us understand where we stand and breaks all illusions. Embrace truth no matter what form it takes to manifest in your life. Make peace with what is. This is an excellent month to invest your energy in intellectual pursuits. Your mind is sharp and capable of grasping complex information. Use this energy wisely. Music is therapeutic to the soul and who doesn’t like it?! The power of sound and music will aid in your healing and help you de-stress. Start your day with a positive song. If you meditate, use chants and mantras to aid your practice. Some of you may even feel drawn to pick up a new instrument. Do it. Welcome new beginnings.

Number 4

You will need to pay extra attention this month as Mercury retrograde can affect your communication with others. Having said that, you also need to learn how to wield your power and convey your message to others effectively. Being assertive is your key to making the best of December. Do not hesitate from speaking what is on your mind. Do not compromise when you are clearly on the losing just to please others or to keep up the pretenses. You’ve got the power to go after what you truly seek. Also, remember to draw healthy boundaries where necessary or others will take advantage of your kindness. When making decisions, it is best to keep your emotions aside and bank on practical information. Use your mind to guide you forward and not your heart. You also have enough understanding and knowledge to know what is best for you. Use this knowledge to your advantage and let past experiences help you make better decisions.

Blessed Be

Sonnyaa Siingh 


To book your readings, write [email protected]


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