with Sonnyaa Siingh

Messages from the Tarot for the year 2018

Greetings Beautiful Souls!

As we come close to saying goodbye to the year 2017, I wanted to write snapshot messages for the year 2018 for all zodiac signs. Here are some guidance messages for your zodiac signs that will act as signposts for the year 2018. Hope these resonate and bring you valuable insights for the year ahead. If you enjoyed reading it and feel that others can also benefit from it, please share the post.

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Ariens, this is a year of bringing your dreams to fruition by taking deliberate action. Don’t just sit and dream but do something about your dreams. Do not fall into the trap of illusory thinking and get caught up in your fantasies. You may also want to explore your options carefully before signing off on something as looks can often be deceiving. Grounding your energy will be important so that you can focus on the here and now and not drift away in your thoughts. You will have several options presented to you. Choose wisely.


Taureans, great wisdom and insight will come to you when you are uninfluenced by the opinions of others and seek your own truth. You have all the answers within you so don’t go looking for guidance in the outside world before consulting your inner oracle. Frequent breaks will help you feel rejuvenated. Do not feel guilty about spending time alone and away from all the cacophony of the modern world. Solitary moments will offer your strength. Get into the habit of meditation on a regular basis. Scale a mountain, spend time close to nature or go on retreats as often as you can. This will help you stay balanced.


Geminians, this is a year of change and transformation. You are shedding your old skin and beliefs and replacing them with something new. This year will bring some major upheavals and tests for you which will clear away all the unhealthy and unhelpful stuff from your life. If all of this gets a little too overwhelming for your taste, take a deep breath and know that this too shall pass. Remember, you have the gift to manage multiple situations effortlessly. The good news is that you will be welcoming new beginnings in your life which will offer you the chance to explore new horizons and start afresh. Change is inevitable and is designed for your highest good.


Cancerians, 2018 has many wonderful surprises in store for you. There will be many reasons to celebrate and feel joyful about life. Get ready to experience the feeling of joie de vivre. Your past efforts will pay off bringing you respect and recognition amongst friends and peers. Speaking of friends, get ready to widen your social circle as new friendships will come your way. You naturally feel at ease when you are in a place that feels like home. But this year, you will feel the urge to explore the outside world a little more. Be willing to get out of your comfort zone. Parties, gatherings, and celebrations will be the lucky spots for you.


Leos, 2018 will put your strength to test. The good news is that the strength you need is already present within you. Stand tall and draw healthy boundaries. Do not give up on all that you have worked hard to create and continue standing up for what you believe you deserve. You have tremendous reserves of energy within you which will help you excel and come out victorious from all challenges. Do not let your guard down easily and expose your weaknesses to the world. If someone wants to be a part of your world, they better prove their worth to you. You have one final test to pass this year before you finally make a breakthrough. Keep going and remember that giving up is not an option after coming so far.


New horizons are open for you to explore in 2018 dear Virgos. This is a year of growth and expansion. Your will to make things happen will take you far when combined with genuine efforts. Stay optimistic about your dreams and goals. Many of you will have the chance to travel and expand your businesses. That’s not all! Your past efforts will also bring you the rewards that you deserve. Open yourself to new experiences. Practice the power of surrender. Have faith in the miracles of the Universe. This is your year to shine.


Librans, 2018 will bring many new and wonderful mental breakthroughs for you. Expect new ideas and perspective to propel you forward. Share your inventions and creative work with the outside world. Release worthless beliefs and attachments as there is nothing more you can gain from them and prepare to embrace a new path. Flexibility is the key to navigating through this year. Pay attention to your physical health and body. Pick up a new practice such as yoga to keep your body fit and in balance. Travel and relocation is also on the cards for some of you.


You are likely to come across many moments and situations this year where you will feel torn between two or more choices, Scorpios. You may even hit a crossroad. Do not make rushed decisions. Peace and balance is important to you, so take action only when you have enough clarity available. Important insights will come to you during the night or in a peaceful and quiet setting. Find this sanctuary. While taking time to arrive to a conclusion is recommended, do not confuse this with non-action. Remember that not making a decision is also a decision and you will need to come out of passivity from time to time, in order to set things in motion. In short, take a break but don’t take too long.


Archers, the main theme for this year is working on your confidence levels and owning your power. You have a fiery and creative side but from time to time, you may find yourself questioning your worth and skills. Stop doubting yourself and step out and shine in front of the world. Allow your talents to flourish and be seen. You are the boss of your life and only you get to decide how you want to run it. You will win many admirers this year. Your networks will help you reach newer heights and bring you some wonderful opportunities which will be well-suited for you. Don’t turn down those invites and chance meetings. Believe in yourself.


Capricorns, 2018 will bring a wave of refreshing energy into your life. New cycles and beginnings are in store for you. This year is like a rebirth for some of you. Ruled by the great taskmaster, Saturn, you have a tendency to get too serious. But this year, try to loosen up and have fun. Adopt a more carefree and fun-loving attitude. Do not worry about the past nor the future. Enjoy the present moment and the gifts that are made available to you now. You may also take up a completely new hobby or path this year. Do not be afraid of new beginnings. Trust and dive into the unknown.


Aquarians, this year is about embracing your truth and doing what is right. Your intellectual skills and pursuits will open many doors for you and help you accomplish many significant tasks with ease. Communication in all its forms is important this year so take care to see how you convey your thoughts. There is a danger of coming across as harsh and blunt, even when you did not intend to. You will have the ability to see the truth about many situations and attain mental clarity. Avoid taking shortcuts and going back on your words. Originality will be the key to your success in 2018.


Pisceans, you will need to adopt new ways of approaching old problems and situations if you are to make progress in 2018. Being stubborn and sticking to just one method can lead to disappointment. This year will bring you many lessons which will lead to your spiritual growth. Some sacrifices may also need to be made in order to keep peace and balance in life. Things may not move as fast as you would have hoped for. But don’t be in a hurry. At the right time, things will happen. Learn to be patient and remember, many great insights and wisdom can be derived in stillness. Learn to surrender what is beyond your control.

Love, Light, and a Blessed New Year 2018.

Sonnyaa Siingh