with Sonnyaa Siingh

Libran Moon and Tarot Talk

January 7th, 2018

This morning when I woke up, I had a sudden urge to get a haircut. I have been thinking of visiting a hair stylist for a few days now but today, the need felt stronger. After booking an appointment, it suddenly hit me that Moon will be making its pitstop in the sign of Libra, today. Libra embodies the qualities of balance, harmony, and beauty (because it is ruled by Venus). And let’s face it! After all the hard work, organizing and nitpicking that we did and were subjected to during the Virgo Moon phase recently, we deserve to chill out and stop and smell the roses.

Decisions can be hard to arrive at during this phase as you may feel torn between two choices or you may prefer weighing in the pros and cons of a situation and examine both sides of the story in order to be fair. You should employ tact and diplomacy when handling delicate matters as well.

Because Libra energy places a heavy importance on aesthetics, beauty, and beautification, you may naturally feel the urge (like me) to treat yourself and your body to some goodness, hit the salon or spa, revamp your look, visit an art exhibition, appreciate the finer things in life and maybe even enjoy a candle-lit dinner at your favorite restaurant with your sweetheart or BFF. Take caution with overindulging though and keep a tight leash on that sweet tooth, if your New Year goal was to shed some kilos. Remember, moderation should be exercised more during this phase.

Speaking of exercise, fitness is also important and many may find themselves getting more serious about their self-image. As Libra rules Kidneys, keep yourself well hydrated.

Now, to get to the interesting bit, what Tarot guidance can we use at this time? The cards I have for us are the 3 of wands and the Hanged Man from the Wheel of the year Tarot.

There is a message here for us all to be patient and still. To find ways to create calm within us and in our surroundings. To gain more optimism and believe that our goals, investments, and dreams will come through in due time. The wait is nearing an end, pretties. The Hanged Man is only half frozen now. While he can think, see, and feel things, he cannot move yet. Similarly, you may begin seeing tiny glimpses or flashes of the results you have been waiting for but somethings may still remain elusive and it is okay. All in divine timing. You won’t be doing the waiting forever.

Libran Moon makes us the thinker. Plan, scheme, and study now. Create new visions for the future. You may also need to come up with new ways of thinking and processing information. Do not cling to old beliefs. Replace them with new ones.

With that, we get a glimpse of what to expect during the next two and a half days when Moon will visit the deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio.


Sonnyaa Siingh


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