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The Seven Day Abundance Series – Day 1

Beautiful Souls!

Today, I am doing something that I have never before done on my Tarot page and blog. Earlier this morning, I had this fantastic vision of creating a 7-day Abundance series for all of us. Using the Angels of Abundance Oracle deck and my beloved Tarot cards, I was shown to draw cards each day to help us all (Myself included) work toward eliminating blocks that are hindering the flow of abundance in our life. Would you like to join me on this series and consciously work with the messages that the Angels are going to provide us each day? If Yes, then Welcome and hop in! This is going to be full of surprises both for You and Me. These messages are for anyone who is lead to this series and who sincerely wants to work with the Angels and undertake their support to remove all the icky energy that is stopping them from making progress in life where money and abundance is concerned. Let’s get started!

The first card of this series is for Monday, 8th January. We have The Magician card from the Tarot and the message, ”No more complaining”.

Okay! So our very first step starts with putting an end to all the complaining we do about not having enough and shifting the ‘lack’ mentality.

Haven’t we all been there, done that and are still doing it? We complain! We groan about not having enough and how things will never get better given the situation we find ourselves in. I have caught myself dreaming of visiting some amazing places around the world and then complaining about how much a world trip is going to cost and how there is not enough to make that happen now. By focusing on the lack that we feel in the ”now”, we manifest a repeat pattern for our future by thinking that we won’t have enough tomorrow and the day after and in the months and years to come.

Starting this moment, make yourself a promise that you will stop complaining about what you don’t have, start focusing on what you do have, and start believing in your personal power and the incredible power of the cosmos/God/Universe to support you on your journey.

The Magician makes magic happen. In order to make magic happen, you need to have a strong intent and believe in yourself. Isn’t it lovely to see the Magician, the card numbered 1, in our reading today? This is the beginning of a new journey for you. You are going to tap into your inner and outer resources to make your dreams come true.

The moment you catch yourself saying something that reflects lack, pessimism and a negative attitude towards money, STOP and say ”Clear, Cancel, and Delete” in your mind and immediately replace it with something positive. For example, if you find yourself saying, ”I don’t have enough money to afford that dress”, immediately say ‘Clear, Cancel, and Delete’ and rephrase your statement to ‘I have more than enough to afford that dress’.

Wait! That’s not all. Don’t just say it but live the feeling of having that dress. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to wear it. How pretty you would look in it. This is alchemy! Do it, even if it sounds funny, silly, or crazy to you. Just saying positive things is futile if you don’t believe it and feel it.

With the Magician, you are affirming that you are in charge of creating your future.

I will see you again tomorrow with the next installment of this series with a Day-2 post. Until then, work on the first guidance.

Love, Light, and Angel Blessings

Sonnyaa Siingh


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