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The Seven Day Abundance Series – Day 2

Beautiful Souls!

Thank you for joining me on Day 2 of the 7-Day Abundance Series. I am so delighted that so many of you showed interest in this series by responding to the Day-1 message and that we are all working together to invite abundance into our lives.

The cards that I received for today are ”Donations, Tithing, and Charitable Work”, and the 5 of Cups card.

We have often heard, read and witnessed the importance of maintaining a balance between giving and receiving. Often, the Angels have guided us to be open to receiving. Today, the message for us is to give… Joyfully!

When the Universe blesses you with a windfall or opens the floodgates of abundance, be willing to use some of that blessing to help others. This does not always mean you have to offer financial assistance to the world, although that is a great way to support causes and people. You can do simple things for those in need such as lending emotional assistance to a troubled friend, helping feed a hungry child or adult, engaging in volunteer work that involves a cause you believe in, offering free giveaways from time to time to your clients and those who support you, donating clothes and food to an orphanage, and so on.

Money is the currency that is valued on this physical plane at this time of existence and it helps us provide for our food and shelter. Your financial contribution to someone in need can help that person, immensely. Whenever the Universe blesses you, give back to others. It doesn’t matter how or how much. Give with an open heart.

Another thing to remember is to not feel bad about spending money on items and services that you need. Being exposed to difficult circumstances from an early age, I forced to learn to spend money carefully. I had developed a serious-minded approach when it came to spending and having fun. Splurging even a little created a feeling of guilt and fear. It wasn’t until I welcomed the Angels into my life that they taught me to enjoy spending as much as I enjoyed earning. When you spend without fear and pay for the services you need, joyfully, your positive and fearless energy attracts more goodies and abundance into your life. Don’t believe me? Try it!

Today, make a donation to a page, person, service, charity house, or help someone in need. It need not be a grand gesture, although it is absolutely okay to do what feels right for you. But it can be something as small as buying lunch for a homeless. Or, feeding a hungry animal on the street. Check in with yourself to see what feels right to you.

Starting today, whenever you next make a payment, give it with a feeling of joy and know that you have enough to afford what you want. Feel grateful for being able to afford what you want. Shed the worry that money is going away from your bank account. Do it genuinely.

The other day when I booked my Uber home, I saw many people standing on the road, waiting for a bus. The bus was filled with people and there was barely any place to comfortably stand, let alone sit. But people squeezed and pushed through each other, willing to survive an arduous 1-hour journey to get to their destination. As I stepped into my cab, I truly felt how blessed I was to be able to afford a comfortable, peaceful, and quick journey home. I naturally felt grateful for being able to afford that ride. This is just an example. You too have many such blessings in your life, right? Start by acknowledging them and offering gratitude for every little thing you feel blessed for. Doesn’t matter how small it is.

Instead of focusing on what is spent, gone, and lost, focus on what you still have and offer gratitude for that.

So today’s message is to give back a tiny amount of your resources to the world (however you see it fit) and offer gratitude, with a pure heart, for what you have in this moment, in this day.

I will see you again tomorrow with the Day-3 guidance, Lovelies. I am grateful for your support and for being able to do this today.

Namaste and Love!

Sonnyaa Siingh


If you missed the Day-1 lesson and are wondering what this series is all about, click on this link to access the information – http://wp.me/p6hejy-1d6

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