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The Seven Day Abundance Series – Day 3

Beautiful Souls,

Today is Day-3 of the 7-Day Abundance series and I am back with another post on how you can work on releasing abundance blocks from your life in 7 days. I am channeling these messages with the help of Angel and Tarot cards and by the guidance that I am receiving from my beautiful team of guides and Angels. Let’s dive straight into the message for today.

The card for today is guiding us towards detoxing our friendships and the Tarot guidance comes from the Chariot card.

I have always struggled in the area of friendship and even today, I hold very few people close to my heart and identify them as my true friends. Like me, I am sure many of you have experienced toxic relationships and friendships in your life. Do you remember feeling drained in the company of certain people? Do you also remember having a bunch of those people in your life at some point who always remembered you when they were in trouble and never bothered checking on you or helping you when you were in need? Have you ever had friends who always influenced you to do something against your heart’s wish which only left you with regrets in the end? These are all signs of unhealthy friendships and the reason I am reminding you of these friendships is to identify the type of people present in your social and social-media circles, today.

Why are the Angels guiding us to detox our friendships? Because we share a very close bond with those we call friends and those we frequently hang out with. We exchange energy in some form with people in our immediate vicinity and with those we interact with on an on-going basis. And if you are not in the company of people who inspire you to lead a beautiful and healthy life, then you, my friend, need to make some changes in this area because the energetic intermingling of you and another affects the flow of abundance in your life.

Today, ask yourself what type of people shape your friend circle.
Are these friends supportive, understanding, and positive in their outlook?
Are these friends going to be there for you in a time of great need when you have no one else to turn to?
Do these friends practice a healthy exchange of give and take?
Do these friends bring more energy into your life or does their presence drains out your energy, making you feel negative and disempowered all the time?
Do these friends only remember you when they are in need, especially of money?
Do these friends always take advantage of you and refuse to pay their share or manipulate you into paying for them, as well?
Do these friends encourage you to go forward and after your dreams or do they offer a pessimistic feedback about your choices and plans?
Do these friends encourage you to engage in unhealthy habits?
The list can go on and on.

I also get it that no one is perfect and we cannot always find that ”perfect” friend out there. But what we can do is consciously choose and let the right people into our life. Jim Rohn once said you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with (go figure). And honestly, it is better to be alone than be in the wrong company or try hard to fit in amongst people you don’t vibe with.

If your friendships are constantly leading you towards places and experiences that are also having a negative impact on your finances and you find that you are broke most times even before the end of the month or your next payday, you need to take charge and the right action steps. And while you do that, set the intention to meet paths with those wonderous souls who will make a healthy addition to your life and the ones you will be proud to call your tribe.

Today, take note of how your social life is impacting your finances. Take inventory of your friendships and relationships. Reflect on the needless expenses that are arising from your social interactions. By stepping away from toxic situations and people, you are doing yourself a favor and peeling off another layer that is blocking the flow of abundance into your life. Remember, abundance is not just money.

These days, social media is the most common place where we interact with ”friends”. There is a message here for some of you to pay attention to the people and groups you follow on social media and the type of energy your news feed and tweet feed carries.

The Chariot card is guiding you to take charge of your life. You are in control of your life and not others. You are responsible for leading the vehicle of your life towards your goals and dreams, not others. It must be hard for the Charioteer to leave behind his success, his kingdom, and his kins but he has ambitions and goals that need his attention and so, he has decided to take control of his emotional responses and move towards those dreams. You too, like the Charioteer, have the strength do what is right for you.

I hope these messages inspire you to make room for healthy relationships and opens another door to let Abundance in, lovelies.

Have a blessed day!

Sonnyaa Siingh



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