with Sonnyaa Siingh

Transit Moon in Scorpio and Tarot Talk

Beautiful Souls,

Moon enters the deep, intense, and mysterious sign of Scorpio, tonight. Intensity is the keyword for this phase. This can turn out to be an emotionally intense phase for many. We get acquainted with old fears, self-limiting beliefs, and dive deep into our emotional depths.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and therefore is the ruler of the 8th house in astrology which deals with sex, death, the occult, investments, research, and inheritance. It is important to note that Death here mostly refers to a symbolic dying of the old and the beginning of something new and not an actual physical death.

This is a time to swim into the depths of your being and gain understanding on what you want, what you don’t want, why you are feeling the way you are, what can be done about it if you are unhappy and so on. You are going to turn into little detectives at this time and many mundane things may also raise your curiosity levels and pique your interest.

Sex can be intense, too. Do not feel shy to communicate your deepest desires and needs to your partner.

I was chatting with a dear friend today about my cats and the conversation lead to the discussion of mutual funds and investment. My mind is focused on managing my finances better this year and so I will be busy doing some research on this topic. When I began writing this post, I realized how the Scorpio Moon’s energy is responsible for pointing me in this direction. This may be a time for you to do some research on a topic of importance, as well. This is also an excellent time to plan your taxes and investments, so dig deeper and reach out to the experts, if you need assistance.

Okay! Time now to shuffle the cards and look for some guidance for the upcoming Scorpio Moon phase. I have not drawn the cards yet so if you are reading this, go ahead and ask the Universe to send you a helpful message for this short-lived two and half day phase.

I am using The Halloween Tarot by Kipling West and the Heal Yourself Reading cards that I just received in the mail yesterday (apt timing) by Inna Segal for this reading.

Page of Cups, Queen of Imps, Four of Imps and the message, Dreams

So my lovelies, these cards are telling me that we are going to be deeply in touch with our intuition and psychic energy during this Lunar phase. An important message is coming to you all at this time. This could be an actual message from someone that carries a pleasant tone or it may be a guidance message from your guides and Angels, especially during your dream time. We are being guided to pay attention to our dreams as they will hold some key information for us.

Dreams can be tricky and hard to decode. But some messages are crisp and clear, too, sometimes. In your dreams, notice the scenery, the people, the feeling and the message. You may have a deceased loved one pay you visit to guide you. Or, you may even have some nightmares, which by the way, could only be pointing at some repressed fears that you need to face and overcome. I remember waking up terrified one night from a dream in which I saw a huge serpent chasing me and talking like Smaug, the Dragon from the movie, Hobbit (the after-effects of watching too many fantasy-based movies, perhaps). But to me, this was a message to face a deep-seated fear and release it. And this surprisingly occurred during a Scorpio Moon phase. It is okay if you immediately cannot make sense of your dreams. Write them down and get back to it later. Not all dreams have to be dramatic like the one I had. Some of you may undergo healing during your dream time as well.

Dearies, do take the time to clear and shield your energies from time to time and ask for protection before you voyage into the dream world. I recommend inviting assistance from Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Haniel.

This is a phase where you are encouraged to take your masks off and get in touch with your truth, with who you are, and what you truly desire from your life at this time.

Moving on from the psychic realm, this is also a good time to access your inner desires and confidently take charge of your life. The Queen of Imps is focused on how she can create a stable and secure future for herself. She is not interested in the past and what’s been and gone. Remember I said earlier that this phase indicates Death? The time has come to let something of no significance and use, die within you so that you can prepare for a new beginning. Your passion for something may deepen right now as well.

There is also plenty of sex appeal oozing out of the cards. Ladies, you may win the admiration of many and your hormones may be kicking more than the usual at this time. Gentlemen, you may feel a deep and mysterious pull towards someone as well. I am seeing more parties, celebration, invites, and get-togethers in the cards.

Many of you may also witness the successful completion of a project or dream. Speaking of dreams again, this is the time to get in touch with your dreams, initiate action and work towards fulfilling them. As this phase relates to the areas of investments and inheritance, a pleasant news may greet you in those areas as well.

Overall, this appears to be a positive phase. Just remember to not feed your fears by giving away more power to them.  Face them and then gently release them. Set yourself free from limitations and celebrate the birth of a new cycle.

Love, Light, and Angel Blessings

Sonnyaa Siingh


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