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The Seven Day Abundance Series – Day 5

Beautiful Souls,

Thank you for joining me on Day-5 of the Seven-day Abundance series.

How are you feeling about Abundance, lately? Are you noticing subtle or big shifts in the way you feel about abundance?

Our messages today come from the card ”Words of Abundance” and the 2 of cups from the Tarot. The Angels today are reminding us to make some changes to our abundance vocabulary. Your guidance is to choose only positive words to describe yourself, your life, your relationships, and finances. Stop viewing your relationship with money as a difficult one but instead embrace it as a helpful medium of exchange that allows you to buy some happiness and provides for your basic necessity.

Have you ever found yourself jokingly saying negative things about your life? It’s time to stop doing that. Because guess what? Manifestation doesn’t differentiate between jokes and serious talks. So if you are someone who says negative things about yourself, your life and finances, then you are going to attract what you speak. If you ever jokingly said, ”My life sucks”, well, more situations will arise that will make your life appear sucky. That sucks, right?

Choose only positive words and affirmations for yourself and others. Even if it seems like you are telling yourself one big lie right now, it’s okay. Things will change soon. You need to align your energy first to the vibration of that which you desire.

At first glance, the 2 of cups cards seems like the card of people falling in love. But here, it reminds us of falling in love with our lives and loving ourselves enough. When you do this, you will naturally radiate your positive energy into the world and meet favorable, pleasant and enjoyable situations. Notice the cups that are filled to the brim and the blooming flowers present in this card. There is no sign of lack or scarcity here. And it shouldn’t be in your life either.

Starting today dear ones, speak positively about yourself and everything that makes up your life. When you catch yourself saying something unpleasant about yourself or your situation, stop and either change it to something positive or don’t say anything at all. Do this consciously and you will be removing another pesky block that is hindering abundance from flowing into your life.

Love, Light, and Angel Blessings

Sonnyaa Siingh



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