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The Seven Day Abundance Series – Day 6

All the lovely peeps who have been following the Abundance posts, Welcome and Thank you! We are on Day-6 of the Abundance Series posts where we look at little divine reminders to help us overcome blocks to Abundance. These reminders should be accompanied by action so that you can really reap the benefits. So don’t forget back these messages up with action. Alright, ready to read our messages for today?

Have you ever noticed that when you want something badly and you chase it with all your might, passion, and force, it keeps eluding you? The more you want to possess it, the farther it moves away. But the moment you throw your hands up and say, you’re done, no more chasing because you’re tired and almost end up losing hope, things start falling into place and voila! Your desire comes knocking on your door or something better replaces it. I have seen this happen many many times and I am sure you too have a tale or two to tell.

This phenomenon applies to everything in life, including Abundance. When you want Abundance badly and are impatiently waiting for things to happen, it keeps slipping away from you, creating more frustration. Our card for today is ”Attracting, Not Chasing”. No one likes being chased. How do you feel when that date keeps calling you desperately to catch up again and violates your boundaries by constantly calling and texting you? It puts you off, right? I hope it does because that is clearly a sign of obsession and unhealthy behavior. Similarly, when you chase abundance, it will get harder to attract it because you are coming from a place of desperation and lack. When you want something and you state this desire out loud to the higher power, you have to trust that you are heard and your prayers will be answered. In moments of waiting, send love, gratitude, and hold faith in your hearts instead of doubting whether what you have asked for will come. Stop spending every minute of your life painfully waiting to see the miracles unfold. This can be tough sometimes as it requires one to come from a place of trust, but you have to try it to see it.

Our Tarot card that accompanies this message is the four of pentacles, the card of the miser. Watch how tightly he is holding onto all those coins as if they will be taken away from him.

Your message, lovelies, is to stop clinging too tightly to your desires, and prayers and let it go so that it can breathe and higher intelligence finds ways to give you what you have asked for. Learn the art of attracting what you want by eliminating the energy of fear and desperation. Stop running after things and they will naturally and effortlessly flow to you. Think about your desires with love, faith, and gratitude. Gratitude to the Universe for working on your dreams and presenting it to you in the here and now, even when you see no physical signs of manifestation.

The next time you catch yourself doubting, waiting, and chasing something in desperation, let this reminder guide you to gently let go in faith. What you seek, is seeking You!


Sonnyaa Siingh


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