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New Moon Guidance Reveal

Okay, Lovelies! So you’ve picked your number(s). Let’s take a look at the message that has come up for you this New Moon. New Moon Readings are now available and if you are interested in booking one, write to [email protected].

Card 1 – 8 of cups

New Moon energy is about ‘out with the old and in with the new’. For you, beloved soul, the guidance is to focus on letting old stuff go. Something in your life has reached its purpose and meaning. You are craving for more but it cannot offer you anything more than it already has. As sad as it may sound and as difficult as it may appear, the time has come to move on from this old energy and seek a new path. It’s okay if you don’t know where you are headed. The journey itself is going to be full of new adventures and learning. Detach yourself from the old graciously, acknowledge the gifts it brought you, and then make peace with it by moving forward and onward.

On a more mundane level, this New Moon, go on a retreat. Find your sanctuary. Meditate.

Card 2 – 2 of cups

The focus of this New Moon energy for you is on partnerships and healing your ability to connect with another. Have you been too busy lately for your loved ones? How emotionally open are you toward giving and receiving love and support? Release old bitterness and make amends with those you matter. Practice forgiveness in your relationships to heal old wounds. Plan a get-together with your BFF or beloved and raise a toast to your relationship.

If you are single and are focusing on inviting a new relationship into your life, then you have to ask yourself how open you are to making room for this relationship. Clear the energy of old lovers and partners and set a new intention to meet someone worthy of your time and attention.

Card 3 – Five of Wands

You may be weighed down by all the chaos and cacophony around you. This New Moon, you need to step back from the crowd and find your space. Stop being influenced by too many voices around you. Detach from the drama. Chances are, you have absorbed other people’s energy while interacting with them. Clear away the cobwebs through a purification meditation and wrap yourself around a magnificent bubble of shield to allow you some me-space.

Some of you may be trying too hard to fit in with the crowd. Find your own path. Give expression to your unique voice.

Set an intention for more peace to flow into your life.

Blessed New Moon!

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