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Weekly Guidance for 22nd to 28th January 2018

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Guidance Messages for the week of 22nd to 28th January 2018. I enjoy creating these posts and I hope you enjoy them as much, too.

For this week, I have used a deck that I had almost forgotten I owned – The Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura. The Oracle deck is the Whispers of Love by Angela Hartfield & Artwork by Josephine Wall (check out the gorgeous images!).

So, are you ready for the reveal? Read on.

Oh, but one quick thought though! These are general guidance messages and they will talk about the energy of the week for those who are drawn to this post. Don’t ask me how this works for everyone. It simply does, almost all the time. The Universe is full of magic and secrets.

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Alright! Here you go, lovely!

Card 1

Four of swords & the message, ”The only thing that is real is Love”


Your guidance this week is to slow down a little, Gorgeous soul. The need for rest and contemplation is highlighted and so, if you are not feeling too excited about life and stuff in general, it is OKAY. We all need to recharge and regroup ourselves from time to time. It is best to avoid jumping the gun when you are not feeling too confident or ready for something. Trust me! There will be a right time for that, too.

Look at your guidance message – Shift your focus from the problem back to love.

Since the energy of the week ahead looks contemplative, make sure your thoughts are positive and nourishing. Don’t wear yourself thin by focusing on the problem and replaying the worst possible outcomes in your mind. What good does that do, anyway?! Instead, think of positive things and stuff that makes you happy. Stuff that raises your vibration. Because that’s exactly what the Universe will be dishing out to you.

Spend some time in natural settings and breathe in that all that fresh air to rejuvenate you. Nature inspires. Nature heals. You get some of the best ideas and inspiration during a quiet picturesque saunter.

Also, if you are experiencing a challenging time in your personal relationships or any aspect of your life, it will help to temporarily withdraw yourself and while you do so, to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship or the situation at hand. Ask yourself what is so special about that person or that situation? What do you like about them?

Some of you will also need to take proper care of your health and well-being. Fever, flu, minor illnesses may play spoilsport.

Card 2

Nine of wands & the message, ”When we start to love, our lives are changed forever”.

So! You’ve been hurt, wounded, and felt betrayed in the past. And now, even when something wonderful shows up in your life, you have a hard time trusting and bringing down your defenses.

This week, You beautiful person, the Universe is guiding you to drop your guard and take a chance on things. Don’t shut yourself out. Don’t overanalyze and grow suspicious of every good thing that comes your way wondering if there is a catch to it. Because even though you feel like you are protecting yourself, sometimes, you will be turning away the blessings that are trying to manifest in your life.

Like the teeny-weeny pixie in the card above who is seen interacting with the man, divine guidance from your guides, angels, and higher power is there to guide you. But this guidance is often subtle and never pushy unless your life depends on it. It is loving and not aggressive. And then, of course, your free will is what matters at the end of the day. Listen to these gentle whispers from your divine team and take action.

If you are single and seeking love, ask yourself how open you are to taking chances in love. This week, you’ll need to be a little bold and daring. Or, that someone special may just end up slipping from your hands.

Take healthy risks. Sometimes they are necessary. Break out of the caged thinking and shed all self-limiting and fear-based thoughts. This week is about opening up and taking a leap of faith.

Card 3

Three of Pentacles & the message, ”Receive with Love and Appreciation”

What an interesting week for you, Gorgeous!

Appreciation, recognition, and rewards are on their way, especially where work and creative endeavors are concerned. Growth is making your life more awesome! If you have worked hard at something, this week could bring you well-deserved gifts and acknowledgment. Keep going!

There is a message in your cards to be open to receiving and appreciative of what’s coming your way and also what has already manifested. We know how powerful the practice of gratitude is. Express gratitude, with a genuine heart, for all the blessings that are shining in your life. Allow being helped. Don’t feel awkward, shy, or undeserving when someone or something brings help to your life.

In your personal relationships, too, it is important to acknowledge those you love. Let your partner know how awesome they are for even the smallest of things they do for you. Express your love through positive action steps. If you are single, then get ready to win more admiration and receive interesting proposals this week. You are in the limelight and your personal charisma will attract plenty of attention. Woot Woot!


Sonnyaa Siingh 


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