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Tarot + Oracle guidance for 29th January to 4th February 2018

Heya Beautiful People!

Ready to pick a message for this upcoming week? But before we get there, let’s talk a little bit about the much-spoken Full Moon Lunar eclipse taking place in the magnificent sign of Leo on the 31st. Leo loves to shine and digs attention. So yes, it’s time that you shed your shyness and stop hiding your wonderful gifts and emerge in front of the world with gusto.

Having said that, this is also going to be an immensely emotional time for most of you. Moon is said to be in the constellation of Cancer, the sign where it feels at home. So naturally, matters related to home, mother, and women can be of importance during this time. Plus, Cancer is sensitive, emotional and intuitive. Combine that with a quincunx in Neptune and your emotions can overweigh you and may even lead to inner and outer turmoil. Nurture yourself and if you find your emotions running all over the place, do not end up doing or saying things that you may later regret. Well, hard to follow that advice when feelings are surging up but awareness can definitely help you avert unpleasant situations.

Alright, with that information, let’s now proceed to the messages that are coming through for us this upcoming week. If you have not already chosen a number/cards, time to focus and pick a set that you most feel drawn to from the image below. For this week’s reading, I am using the Anna K deck and the Gateway oracle cards.


Cards 1

Two of Rods + Letting Go

New doors are opening up for you, lovelies! But you seem to be a crossroads at the moment wondering what direction to take in life. Well, sooner or later, you will have to make a choice. Dig some information up this week on what each choice holds for you and take action.

This is also a phase where new possibilities are open for you. Don’t think that you are stuck because clearly, you are not. You may not be widening your horizons which you need to start doing this week.

Another message that has come up for you speaks of the one thing that we often find hard to do – letting go. There is a powerful Full Moon slash Lunar eclipse in the offing. This is a powerful energetic gateway to release the old.

You need to let go of some things you are clinging to, tightly. This could be a belief, expectations that are not serving you well, people, or maybe your lack of faith in the magnificence of the Universe. Don’t worry about your next steps. Don’t let your groundedness be disrupted with the thoughts of the past and the future. Release and surrender to the intelligence of the higher power. Stop controlling things. let it flow and let it go.

Some of you also need to stop being too hard on yourself and learn to loosen up.


Cards 2

Knight of Cups + Receiving from Angels

Beautiful Souls, Angels surround you. You are being watched over, protected, and guided. Signs and omens are coming your way, so look out. No matter what stage of life you are at, it is never too late to ask for guidance and help.

This week, let your wishes be known. Ask for assistance and you will receive it. Connect with the Angels by preparing an altar for them or simply meditating and inviting their assistance in your life. They are sure to bring you some amazing insights and timely help.

Ah, and you also have the knight of Cups in your reading. Romance is in the air for some of you. This Full Moon can stir up strong emotional responses within you. You may find yourself romanticizing a person, a thought, or a feeling. While the feeling of being in love with something (or someone) can be amazing, you also need to stay a bit grounded and not get carried away. Do not let your emotions get the best of you. Go after your heart’s desires but make sure you are not completely bring driven by your emotions either with no solid basis to your dream. Be realistic, too.

Also this week, your emotional bonds need your attention. Take care of your relationships. Don’t be surprised if admiration by someone turns into a proposal.

Another thing that is coming up for me here is for you to be mindful of where you are investing your precious energy and emotions. Don’t chase someone who has no time or inclination towards you. Create and nurture conscious connections in your life.


Cards 3

King of Rods + Embarking on an Adventure

How interesting! You have one of the fascinating kings of the Tarot world come up for you – the King of Wands. Remember we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo this week, lovelies. Yesss! It’s your time to shine and take charge of your life.

Moving forward will be in your best interest. So leave all the stuff from the past that is dragging you down and prepare to embark on a new adventure. Your ideas and visions will serve as signposts on your journey. Trust what you believe in and march to the beat of your own drum. The whole adventure theme may even manifest into your reality, quite literally. Indulge in a little wanderlust. Travel to exotic places.

Some of you may have the opportunity to lead others or work on interesting projects, this week. Don’t doubt yourself and polish your confidence. If you have a hard time believing in yourself, now is the moment to understand why and release those beliefs. Most of the times, it is our own fears based on a lie someone told us or we tell ourselves.

Last but not the least, don’t say ”No” to the new. If you hold onto what feels comfortable, you stand the risk of losing out on some wonderful and fresh experiences. Take a chance. Break-free. Live your life to the fullest.


So those were some guidance messages for you to muse on. I also offer personal readings and rituals as part of my services. If you wish to avail these services, drop me a message at [email protected] and I will get in touch at the earliest.

Have a Fantastic week ahead, You Beautiful Soul! Signing off until next time.

Sonnyaa Siingh 



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