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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse/Blue Moon Musings

Indeed, this is a power Full Moon/Blue Moon/Lunar eclipse, Lovelies! We not only have the most conducive energy and opportunity to release our everyday material concerns but also some bigger themes and patterns that have been holding us back and obstructing our growth. Whatever you decide to consciously let go of now, will greatly impact your life in the coming days.

The first card I drew for us is from the Keepers of the light Oracle cards and the message is ”Karma Releasing” with a portrait of Saint Germain. Saint Germain was an alchemist and also a magician. This is an excellent day/night/moment in time to do rituals, set intentions, clear up the old and make room for new. You are in the driver’s seat and you have the chance now to tell the Universe and mother Moon what you want out of your life and what you are willing to discard in order to get to your destination.

Violet flame meditation is an excellent choice to go with if you are wondering what meditation may help right now. Any meditation or spiritual practice will help right now as long as your intentions are pure and your focus is upon relieving yourself from the burdens, karmic knots and cords, and toxic attachments of the past. Like the card says, this is not just a time to do your regular cleansing and clearing but to release some bigger stuff as well which are karmic in nature and can range from beliefs, patterns, habits and so on that you want to overcome.

I recently received the beautiful Spiral Tarot in the mail and what better time to sling out some cards for guidance than on this powerful evening? Below is a general reading for us all as a collective. Take what resonates. If something makes sense and sounds like it is written for you, then it is.

What do we need to let go of? Seven of Swords
What new opportunities lie ahead for us? Nine of Wands
How can we make the most of these new opportunities? Queen of Swords


It is time to leave all the negative drama and push the naysayers out of your life, dearies. By staying in a toxic situation, by giving your energy to those who drain you or use you, and by continuing to surround yourself with people who bring down your vibes, you are absorbing more energy each time that lowers your mojo. Some of you out there reading this post are being guided to make better choices when it comes to choosing your tribe, your peeps.

I also see an escapist in the seven of swords. Some of you may have escapist behaviors. You may be running away from what needs to be done and may have grown into the habit of looking for shortcuts in life. A situation may need addressing but you may be afraid of confrontation. Whatever the reason, look into where you are taking shortcuts in life. Shortcuts may seem enticing sometimes but life cannot always be lived by taking the easy way out.

While abundant opportunities lie ahead for you, it is equally important that you finish the existing job at hand first. Tie up all the loose ends before you embark upon a new adventure. You are on the last leg of a cycle in your life that has been testing your inner and outer strength. Don’t lose hope and know that things will only get better from here on, if you follow your guidance.

Also, this Lunar event is under the auspices of a sign that loves to shine and showcase it’s gifts and talents (though sometimes it can also become overconfident and egoistic) – Leo.

Some of you need to stop putting up defenses and holding yourself back from embracing change. Does change scare you? Good. It is not an easy process to experience most times but staying stuck in old habits, patterns, and places leads to stagnancy and inhibits your own growth. Stop being stubborn and fearful of putting yourself and your gifts out there in the world. Allow this phase to pump you up with a healthy dose of confidence and courage so that you can take the necessary risks that will push you closer to your dreams. Ask for guidance, direction, and help from the invisible yet accessible realms of spirit and rest assured that you will learn something valuable and insightful through this simple act of openness which you propel you in the right direction.

The Queen of swords is often looked upon as a bitter, cold and tough archetypal energy. But this is also someone who has used all the setbacks and disappointments of their life and built resilience within. This is someone who has learned to use setbacks as growth lessons and now stands in a position of power guided by wisdom. Today, this wise character brings us some nuggets of wisdom on how we can make the best of the opportunities that lie ahead for us.

Don’t look at the pain you have endured as an unfortunate act of fate or destiny dealing you a bad hand. Those very experiences, people, situations, and learnings have ignited wisdom within your being. Cut the drama. Release the cords of past that bind you to unhealthy patterns. But also own your power. Utilize your mental energy wisely and draw boundaries in life where necessary.This can be an emotionally tumultuous time for some of you. Though it can be hard to practice in the moment, stay above and away from the drama and detach from all things that are overwhelmingly exhausting and draining at this time.

With that general message that my guides and angels have for us tonight, I bring this post to a close and wish you all a Blessed Full Moon, lovelies.

”Most people do not understand their true power lies in releasing resistance – which is the only obstacle to their true power.” Abraham Hicks


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