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Tarot + Oracle Guidance Messages for 5th to 11th February, 2018

Beautiful People, Thank you for taking the time and being here. For those of you who are new to my work and wondering what this is post is about, we’re going to be looking at some general guidance for the upcoming week using Tarot + Oracle cards and you can partake by simply choosing a number (or the cards from below) that draws your attention. Once you have done that, scroll down the page to check out the message for the corresponding number.

Come February and Valentine’s day get’s a lot of attention. It can be both an exciting day as well as a not-so-exciting one for those who are single or have dealt with some tough emotional times. Speaking of which, let’s quickly talk about Venus, the planet of Love, which is making some interesting aspects and transit this week.

On the 4th, Venus formed a square with Jupiter. Jupiter is a generous planet and it loves to give. With Venus, your expectations in love may grow and emotions may also spill all over the place. Take care not to overdo anything. It is best to not make promises that you can’t keep simply because your emotions are elated. Venus also rules beauty, our artistic side, and possessions. You may feel a bit overindulgent at this time so take care to see that you don’t end up buying all that bling which you don’t actually need and end up burning a hole in your pocket.

Interestingly, Venus also forms a sextile with Uranus on the 6th. Uranus is a planet of change and upheaval. Change can be both good as well as shocking, depending on how we view things and how it affects our lives. Relationships may undergo some changes. But if you are single, this phase may push you to spice up your life a little. You may even grow a liking towards the unusual and eccentric and go on a date with someone who is totally not your type is possible.

Lastly, Venus moves into the sign of Pisces on the 10th. Currently, in Aquarius, you may feel that your need for independence is strong. You may be new ways of approaching old problems related to your relationships. You may be needing more space and discarding the old to make room for new. But when Venus enters Pisces, your emotions may take over your mind. You may be seeking more intimacy in your relationships but at the same time, may also turn too forgiving and compassionate towards others.

Looks like there is a possibility for many of us to find ourselves in love or growing a liking towards the unusual types of lovers and then later, get too emotional in the relationship. Take care to see that you don’t suffocate your partner with emotional demands during this time. All is not bad with Venus in Pisces. Your appreciation for love will be heightened and many relationships may also take grow deeper during this phase.

Okay, so that’s a little bit about Venus + Love + what to expect this week in the Astro world. I believe awareness is a very empowering thing and so treat this as a good-to-know information and notice how it plays out during the week for you.

Time to now get to the meat of this post – the card reveal. Alright then! Scroll down and read up!


Card 1 – Page of Pentacles reversed + Crown Chakra

The Page of Pentacles in reverse is telling me that this week may not be the right time to start new projects or you may experience some delays when it comes to kickstarting new things. If you have applied for a job and are anxiously awaiting the results, delays may occur or in some cases, the opportunity may come to you. Now, I know that sounds negative and I don’t want you to worry and create this situation in your mind. But simply remember that if something isn’t going your way, there is a divine reason for it. Trust.

Also, take extra care when investing your time and money into new projects. Don’t buy something that you don’t really need at this time. If you are making important purchases or decisions, ensure that you have done a good amount of research and are aware of all the pros and cons.

Your crown chakra is the place that enables your connection to the divine. It is also the energy center, located at the top of your head in the crown area, through which you receive guidance, ideas, messages, and all your spiritual downloads. If you find that your ability to connect with your spiritual self is dimming if you feel like you are lacking clarity in life, and if thoughts seem muddled, clear this chakra point. Meditate with a clear quartz crystal, if you can. Bathe yourself in white light. It is important that you trust yourself and your ideas this week.

Card 2 – High Priestess reversed + You are a Powerful Lightworker

This week for you lovelies is about finding your calm center. Do not give too much importance to outside opinions. The right answer and the wisdom is already within you. Have you been paying attention to your inner voice? Don’t ignore the intuitive nudges you receive and make space for meditation and inner reflection. Withdrawing yourself for a short time can bring you clarity and a sense of direction in life.

Now, the HP reversed is also bringing you warning to avoid indulging in gossips and choosing your company, wisely. It is best to keep your plans to yourself this week. Also, don’t go all out in placing your faith in the outside world. People may have hidden agendas that you are not aware of and too much trust in someone can later lead to disappointment. Information can be withheld from you at this time, therefore, don’t be in a hurry to rush to conclusions. This sounds generic but if you have a bad vibe about someone, especially a female figure, trust and detach. If you are an occult worker, do not misuse your powers and refine your intentions.

Take extra care of your precious energy. Like a sponge, you absorb the feelings, emotions, and vibes from your environment. Clear yourself and draw healthy boundaries. While it is a wonderful thing to be of assistance to others, make sure someone is not taking too much from you to the point of draining your energy dry. Don’t be taken for a ride. And most importantly, if you feel lost in the madness of the world, remember that you can always find your connection back to the divine and be guided on your path. You are loved!

Card 3 – Ace of swords + Ear Chakras

That Ace of swords cuts through all the BS and gets straight to the heart of the matter. This week will bring you some reality checks that are much needed to wake you up. Accept what is and get your act right. If you have been lacking clarity on a matter, expect information to be revealed to you (perhaps in an unexpected way).

Emotions may be muddling your thoughts. Do not get carried away by feelings alone. Question things. Seek the truth and dig out information. This is also the right time to come clean and be honest in your relationships. Say what you need to say.

If life has thrown too many bleak moments in the recent past, this week is going to be an interesting one. There’s plenty to keep you mentally stimulated. Exciting opportunities are likely to come your way, as well.

The Angelic realm sends you the message of ”Ear chakras”. Pay extra attention this week to what you hear through words, whispers of your guides, sounds, and that thought that keeps playing in your mind. Also, make sure that you consciously choose to listen to stuff that is uplifting and positive. For instance, play a song that fills you up with energy rather than one that makes you think of how pain and hurt.

So those are the messages for the upcoming week. I hope they help and shine some light on your path.


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Love, Light, and Angel Blessings

Sonnyaa Siingh 


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