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Weekly Tarot + Oracle Guidance for 12th to 18th February, 2018

Beautiful Souls,

Thank you for being here! In this online space, I try to share some spiritual insights that you can apply into your lives and navigate through the week ahead. Before we dive into the messages, let’s take a quick look at what’s going on astrologically in the cosmos.

There is a powerful New Moon/Solar eclipse taking place on the 15th. The New Moon is occurring in the sign of Aquarius – a sign associated with friendships, group activities, and progressive thinking. New Moon energy combined with that of an eclipse brings powerful changes in our lives and its impact is said to last for six months. This is a time to cast out old, outdated beliefs and embrace new and effective ones. Major shifts may also occur in your friendships. Perhaps, it’s time to reconsider who you call your friends and whether they are contributing to your life positively or negatively.

This New Moon in Aquarius is also forming a sextile with the planet of sudden change and forward thinking – Uranus. So imagine how intense the energies are going to be in pushing us towards embracing change (even if we don’t want to). You are going to feel a certain detachment from your past and thankfully, most of you will realize how holding onto stuff from your past is serving you no good. Good riddance!

Pisces is a busy sign this month with not only Venus staying there for a month but also Mercury entering its territory on the 17th. What does Mercury in Pisces do? It makes your thoughts and ideas more visual and brings you loads of intuitive insights. Your creativity flourishes around this time so make good use of this energy.

Pisces is also welcoming another member home – Sun. Sun brings illumination wherever it lands and in the Piscean realm, it will amp up our intuition further and make us more empathetic and compassionate. It will show us where we need to practice kindness.

Okay, those are some main astrological tidbits to mull over. Now, let’s get to the card reveal.

Relax and pick a number intuitively from the picture below. Once you are done, scroll down and read the message.

Cards 1 – Prince of swords + Surrender to rest and sleep



Slow down this week, Peaches! You’re heading for a burnout if you keep going at the pace you’re going and set out to accomplish too much in too little time. What’s the rush?

Your mind may be pulling you in too many directions. Your energy can get scattered and this is not a good space to be in if you are to achieve anything. There are times when taking action is an important step and then there are times when it is best to relax, rest, and regroup so you can recoup your energy.

This eclipse New Moon can be a bit hard on you. You may feel like your mind is being overrun. There is nothing a good dose of sleep and rejuvenating activities can’t fix. If you feel too sleepy and tired, know that this is normal and all you need to do is listen to your precious body’s message and pay heed. Disconnect from the world for a little while. Find some ”Me time” for yourself. Demanding situations and people will always be there. But you need to honor your need to rest and contemplate this week.

Cards 2 – Justice + Surrender your need to always be right

Balance lovelies, Balance! It is the key that will set you free this week. Don’t end up overdoing any one thing or focusing too much on just one aspect of your life. Distribute your energy and attention evenly, wherever it is needed.

This eclipse New Moon offers you a chance to right the wrongs and come to terms with your own shortcomings. Who hasn’t made mistakes? Who out there is unscathed by life’s different blows? Acknowledge what is, accept wherever you are on your path and make peace with your past.

Some of you need to stop proving to the world how right you are and how wrong they are. Don’t feed the ‘me vs them’ belief, anymore. Also, don’t be too harsh and ready to point a finger on others. Give others a chance to be right as well. Accept that you cannot always be right about everything and that sometimes, we best learn from others. In your relationships, give the other person a chance to steal the show without feeling threatened. Also, stop trying to control the other person.

This New Moon brings you the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. What you sow from here on will be what you reap. If you are starting a relationship, for instance, based on lies, be ready to face the consequences later on. If you are being dishonest with someone or are disowning your own truth, this will come back to bite you later. You are in charge of your life. You create your path and reap the harvest of your hard work. You have the choice to do what is right or continue compromising your own integrity. Choose wisely.

Cards 3 – The High Priestess + Surrender outdated beliefs about yourself

Beautiful Souls, the only thing that is keeping you from living your best life and accomplishing all that you are capable of is your own set of beliefs about yourself. Stop seeing yourself through the lenses of your past mistakes and unfortunate experiences. Stop giving more power to the negative things people told you about yourself. Every time you try to climb one rung of the success ladder, you take two steps back because you doubt your own abilities and find it hard to trust the unconditional love and power of the Universe.

This week gives you a perfect cosmic opportunity to release all limiting beliefs about yourself. It’s like finally getting rid of the old, dirty, tattered clothes you have been covering your shiny soul with and wearing a brand new dress that has been gifted to you. You decide the pattern, print, color, and design of this new dress. You are powerful! With a single, pure intention, you can unfold miracles in your life. But the intention has to be pure and you need to stop desperately looking out for results. Got it?

Spend this week connecting with your inner self. You don’t have to climb up a high mountain or escape to the wilderness in order to do this. You simply need to find some time and space to meditate, contemplate, take relaxing breaths and simply be. In that space of stillness, you will find your answers, guidance, and begin gaining more clarity on whatever appears clouded right now. Also, you don’t have to figure it all out at once. Take things slowly and proceed in a step by step manner. So find that time and create that little space for yourself this week. Develop a relationship with your beautiful inner self.

Your intuition is going to be at its peak as well at this time. Listen to the gentle guidance that comes to you from within.

That’s all for this week, folks! I hope these insights and messages serve you well.


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