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Weekly Tarot + Oracle Guidance for 19th to 25th February, 2018

Hello Gorgeous Souls,

Thank you for being here. What an intense week it was with a New Moon, Solar eclipse, and a few planets in Pisces making us all emotional and amping up our feelings. The upcoming week is not as intense as the last one but there are going to be a few planetary movements.

Let’s start with the Sun. Sun was chilling out in Aquarius all this while making us shed old beliefs and embrace a new perspective. We may have found ourselves being more open-minded during this phase because the Sun is about You and me, the self. Starting today, the 18th, Sun is entering the Piscean realm. This is a time when our feelings, intuition, and empathy is going to take over us. We will view this world through a compassionate lens. This phase will have us dreaming and feeling rather than going out there and doing things. Your intuition will throw more messages your way than usual so pay attention to the red flags. On a negative side, there is a tendency to become overly emotional and throw a pity party for ourselves. We may even develop a victim mentality and dramatize the small things. Keep a watch on your emotional lid to make sure you are not losing yourself.

Venus, the planet of Love, beauty, and art is making two aspects this week which will mainly impact our love life. Venus will be interacting with dreamy Neptune and hot-headed Mars.

On the 21st, Venus will be conjunct Neptune. Neptune can take idealism a little too far and have no regard for boundaries. In the realm of beauty and love, we may find ourselves more attracted to beautiful things giving more preference to comfort, luxury, and that which looks good on the surface. This is an ideal time for seduction games as well. But because Neptune can be illusory in nature, we may even over-idealize something ordinary. We may overlook the real stuff and give someone too much credit than they deserve as well.

On the 25th, Venus will square Mars. On a sexual level, this can be an intense time. But our jealousy quotient may also be on the rise. Mood swings can lead to disruption in relationships as well. Watch your temper especially when it comes to someone you love. Focus on healthy competition and avoid unnecessary conflict. If used well, this day can be ideal for giving more energy to your creative pursuits.

Those are some Astro tidbits for the week ahead. Now, let’s get to the meat of the reading – Your card reveals. If you have not chosen a number yet, time to clear your mind and let yourself be guided to a crystal or a number from the three listed below. Once you are done, scroll down to read your weekly guidance message.


For those of you who were drawn to the number 1 and Sunstone, your cards are the Four of Swords & the color Aqua with the message of Peace and Calm.

You need ”Me-time” this week, lovelies. The less distraction and conflict your environment poses, the better for you. Pay attention to your sleep cycle and the amount of rest you are giving yourself. Withdraw from groups and situations that are full of drama. You don’t need that shiz. If you know how to swim, make use of the skill and allow yourself some refreshing dips from time to time.

This week, your projects may not really see much. The new intentions that you set during the New Moon may need some planning and reconstruction before you go full swing. Contemplate your choices. Do not rush into big decisions without meditating on your options.

In love life, too, if things have been a little rough or if you are so full of each other, give each other a small break to recharge and restore your energy. Fighting is not the option, especially with that Venus-Mars aspect on the 25th. It is best to wait and think your decisions over than react spontaneously.

Your health may need some attention as well this week. If you are unwell, take time to rest and recuperate and cancel out all distractions. Focus your energy on healing yourself. You will soon be ready to engage with the world.


If you were drawn to the number 2 and the Angelite stone, your cards are the Two of Cups & the color Blue with the message, ‘Activate your healing power’.

With all the emotional aspects that the planets are making this week, you guys seem to be in for some pleasant surprises where romantic dates and friendships are concerned. This week is about reunions, partnerships, reconciliations, and get-togethers. Make time for your loved ones. Instead of staying in and reading your favorite book or replying to a dozen work e-mails, find time to go out and interact with the world.

Your mere presence and support can bring much healing to someone else too, lovelies. Be of service to others. It is the best way to raise your vibrations, too. Engage in selfless acts and volunteer work.

Important negotiations and deals can be sealed this week. Partnerships may be important in business. Tie up with someone who can support your biz or seek out people who can a helping hand to you with respect to your work. Work relationships may even turn into a date *wink*.

This is a pleasant week for romantic encounters. If singledom is getting to you, put yourself out there. Be open to meeting new people through friends, colleagues, or even dating sites. Give yourself a makeover and look and feel your best, especially on the 21st when Venus will be conjunct Neptune. A lot of seduction power lies on that day. Existing relationships can also use some creativity and togetherness. Make plans to wine and dine at some of the best places in town.

Last but not the least, the Universe wants to send you love. If you have been craving for emotional bonding, this week is about letting yourself heal from past pain. Put a bitter chapter behind and get ready to welcome new love and new experiences.


If you were drawn to the number 3 and the Amazonite, your messages come from the High Priestess card and the message, ‘Discover your sparkle’.

With much power to our empathy and intuition with the Sun entering Pisces today, you guys are going to be receiving a lot more psychic nudges than usual this week. The point is to trust your inner guidance, that gut feeling inside that will send you some strong messages. You know better!

At work, there could be some things hidden from you at this time. It is best to proceed slowly and with caution when making big deals and decisions. Bide your time and you will discover new insights which may even change your course. If you own a spiritual biz, this week will be a powerful one for you. Your clients may need extra support from you, so be there with your kind heart without overstepping theirs and your boundaries. Dedicate this week to learning and knowledge. Learn things that are important for your work. Check and double-check information. Avoid sharing your business/work secrets with others and refrain from engaging in gossips.

Romantically, you know what you want and don’t want, lovelies. Don’t settle for less. If that dude or dudette you went out on a date with is giving you bad vibes, listen and back off. Secrets may be kept from you so proceed with caution and remember that with Venus making a conjunction to Neptune this week, it will be easier to buy into illusory thinking. Don’t go all in and wear your heart on your sleeves… just yet. In your existing relationships too, do not make any rushed decisions and rely on your intuition more.

Clear your energy and raise your vibration. If your sparkle is dulled for some reason, take a rejuvenating shower and imagine all the psychic and low vibrational debris being washed away. White light meditation will help you get back on your feet, energetically speaking.


I hope those insights serve you well for the week ahead, beautiful souls. I am available from Monday to Saturday for personal readings via e-mail, skype, whatsapp video, and phone (in India). To book your readings, drop me a message on my facebook page or an e-mail to [email protected].

Love, Light, and Angel Blessings

Sonnyaa Siingh 


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