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Full Moon in Virgo March 2018

Blessed Full Moon to All!

The month of March starts with a punch – A full moon in the sign of Virgo. The energy of this Full Moon has been intense for many. Most people I have interacted with in the past few days have been feeling lazy, sleepy, and lethargic. I ended up extending my afternoon nap into late evening as well with the excuse – Oh, this is the Full Moon’s doing. he he.

Virgo is a sign of order, structure, and is even associated with our health. This Full Moon is naturally an apt time for us all to examine what area of our life needs a bit of organization, what we can declutter, and what steps we can take towards improving our health on all levels (physical, mental and emotional).

The Tarot card associated with the sign of Virgo is The Hermit. Are you feeling like the Hermit, today? The Hermit with his lantern casts light on areas and matters that need our attention. Where do you need to get serious in life? What insights are you ready to collect as you journey forward? It would be best to spend the evening by yourself, purifying your intentions and casting a spell, too (if you are into that sort of thing).

Venus forms a trine to Jupiter today. This makes it a perfect time to do forgiveness work (Full Moon and Forgiveness goes hand in hand). We may feel more generous and compassionate towards others and others may display this attitude toward us as well. That being said, Venus is a planet of love, luxury, and beauty. Coupled with the expansive and magnanimous Jupiter, this day brings joy and a bit of overindulgence as well. You may find yourself being drawn to all the baubles and flashy things, exotic food, and beauty in all its forms. Exercise caution when it comes to splurging so that you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket. Also, don’t end up over-idealizing a lover.

The cards that I have drawn for us all this Full Moon are beautiful. From the Power of Surrender cards comes the message – Surrender to Spirit. Spirit here

 refers to God, the Universe, Divine power or whatever you want to name the Universal divine force that flows through us all. Do your best and then leave the rest to the higher power. This is a message we have heard many times but still need to be reminded of once in a while when we find ourselves struggling to make things happen on our own. Know that you don’t have to figure it all out. Free yourself from the burden of such a herculean task. It can be exhausting! Let Spirit help you. This is not to say you don’t do what it takes to make things happen for you. But after you have given a situation your best, turn it over to the higher power. There lies immense power and magic in surrendering. This Full Moon too, no matter where you are in life at this time, space, reality, no matter what you are experiencing, no matter what situation you have been dealt with, surrender it all. Feel the burden lifting away and enjoy the peace that comes with being free. The Higher power knows what is best for us. Just trust and let go!

The other card I have drawn for us is from the Connected and Free Oracle deck and reads ‘Feeling and Form’. Our feelings take form. You’ve heard that before too, haven’t you? This Full Moon, take a look at some of your past goals and intentions. Have they manifested? If Yes, Congratulations. If they have not, take a moment to notice how you feel about your goals. How much energy have you put into believing that you really want something? What steps have you taken? Have you put out the intention but forgotten to embody its energy within yourself? For instance, if you wanted to manifest a new job and set out the right intention, did you really believe you are capable of manifesting this new job? Did you experience how wonderful it would feel to have this new job, each day? Did you visualize yourself getting this new job? Or did you simply forget about it and thought of yourself as undeserving or lacking in some ways?

When you want something badly, energize your intention with positive thoughts and believe in yourself. Some of you may already be doing this and I urge you to not give up. Divine timing has its own plans for us. If you are someone who wants something but finds it hard to imagine yourself getting what you want, then you have some work to do in releasing that feeling.

Full Moon is a powerful time. Energize your intentions, your crystals, and even your body by bathing it with the milky rays of the Full Moon either in real or in your imagination. And when you are done doing that bit, let Spirit take things over from there. I hope this little reminder helps in adding some magic to your Full Moon, you beautiful being of light and love.

Until next time!

Blessed Full Moon!

Sonnyaa Siingh


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