with Sonnyaa Siingh

Tarotscopes for 1st to 15th March, 2018


This fortnight brings success and progress to the hardworking, Aries. If you have worked hard to be somewhere, rest assured that some form of reward is on its way to you. You are also going to be in the limelight, so make good use of the exposure you get, especially at work. It is also time to move forward with your plans during this phase, Aries. Don’t be stuck in the past. Do what needs to be done and keep moving forward.


This fortnight is about deciding what you want and going after it full swing, Taurus. Focus is the name of the game. Stop being pulled in two or more directions. Give your energy to one goal/task that is of utmost importance to you at this time. A road trip is on the horizon for some Taureans, as well. Your biggest challenge this fortnight is to not get distracted or sidetracked from your goal. Keep your eye on the prize and you will make your mark. If you are wondering where to hang onto the old or to move forward, your cards are giving you a thumbs up to keep moving forward.


Gemstars! This fortnight is about nurturing your goals and exercising prudence when it comes to your resources. You guys should take some time to ground your energy and connect with mama earth. A practical approach is what will serve you best over an emotional one. Pay attention to ideas and ways in which you can create a secure future for yourself. Sensually, your energy is heightened. Enjoy the good things that life has to offer. A mature, down-to-earth individual may play a key role in your life as well.


This fortnight brings great mental insights and some harsh truths to the surface for you dear Cancerians. Life may offer a reality check to you by bringing more clarity about where you are and where your focus best lies. Get ready to see things from a new perspective and bring new solutions to old problems. Be honest in your communication and say what needs to be said without mincing your words. Cut the ties that bind you if your freedom is being threatened.


A new opportunity is coming your way this fortnight, Leos. This opportunity may manifest in the form of a new project, material venture, or a training/study program. Put contemplation to an end and start taking the first steps towards your goal. This fortnight bodes well for money matters as well. Expect to receive messages concerning negotiations, new deals, and financial ventures.


Don’t let your emotions get the best of you this fortnight, Virgos. Stay grounded while being compassionate. If your emotions turning a little messy, don’t be shy to seek support and guidance. The romantic in you wants to come out this fortnight, Virgos. Allow yourself to make healthy expressions of love. Travel for pleasure is on the cards for some of you. Good times are in store and your social life may keep you a little more busy than usual.


This fortnight is about making magic happen, Librans. You are ready to begin. Don’t wait for the right time and moment. Take action, now. You have what it takes to do what is being asked of you, even if you are feeling nervous and uncertain about the future. A fresh start lies ahead for you but will only flourish if you do something about it. Make good use of your talents and resources this fortnight and do not shy away from showing the world what you got. Synchronicities will happily greet you on your path.


This fortnight may pose some challenges and serious reality checks for you dear Scorpio. Some things are beginning to clear away from your life in order to make room for new. Though this may appear tragic and even intimidating at first, center yourself and look at the brilliant opportunity you have to start something new. There is a beautiful reason and lesson that lies behind all the changes that you are experiencing. This fortnight is about ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Keep your temper in check and do not be driven by impulse.


You are the BOSS this fortnight, Archers! Your main focus may lie in bringing more security, structure, and stability in your life. The Universe will support you in this goal and you are going to feel on top of your game. Others may find you emotionally distant, especially in a relationship. Express your love without hiding away your feelings. And oh yes! Don’t get addicted to workaholism. You may even find yourself in a leadership position this fortnight. Be confident and kind to others.


You are making progress even if it may not seem like it on the surface dear Capricorn. Things are moving slowly but in a steady fashion for you. Just the way you like it. Patience is important, Cappies. Carefully examine the details before taking each new step forward. Hard work awaits you in the coming days because the Universe knows that you know how to get things done and are reliable. Your finances look steady and this is an excellent time to plan for the future. In matters of the heart, you may not be willing to go all in, waiting for things to develop naturally. Make sure you don’t make your partner feel left out.


You guys need to tap into the Hermit energy this fortnight Aqaurians. There is plenty to gain and learn in moments of solitude and contemplation. You best work when you are alone so if you have the work-from-home option, take it. Plenty of new information and insights will come to the surface as well. Some of you may even decide to go trekking or climb a peak. Me-time is a must for you. Avoid crowded places.


A big shift is coming your way this fortnight, Pisceans. It may feel as though fate is in control and is pushing you in a new direction. Embrace change. You may experience mood swings and may even constantly go back and forth on your decisions. Avoid deliberating. This fortnight is also about recognizing patterns and themes that you are reliving that are putting you back on the same old funk. If you end up where you don’t wish to, all the time, identify the recurring theme and break it. Do something new to make room for new experiences.


Sonnyaa Siingh 


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