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Tarot + Oracle Guidance for 5th to 11th March, 2018

Hello again, Lovely people!

Thank you for being here and joining me for another round of Weekly Guidance messages.

Let us start by taking a quick look at what’s happening in the astro world.

Sun is going to be conjunct Neptune (in India, this conjunction is already in motion but at some other places, this is seen happening on the 4th). Sun is our sense of self and Neptune is a dreamy planet that often gives no regard to boundaries. With this tightly packed combination, self-deception, idealism, and losing our sense of self is very much likely around this time. Another key feature of this aspect is heightened sensitivity. My beautiful lightworker and empathic souls, it is important to guard your energy well against negative influences at this time. Either surround yourself with positive people, situations, and stories or if your environment is full of negative people, then it is best to be by yourself. Watch out for feelings of grandeur and illusory thoughts about the self, too.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will also be conjunct Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and luxury. Combine this with the Sun-Neptune and this could be a day and time when your thoughts and talks could be centered around romance. You may idealize your relationship a little too much, wear your hearts on your sleeve and buy into illusory thinking when it comes to love. It is best to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, especially in matters of the heart. This is a good day to do negotiations.

Jupiter is going retrograde on the 8th and will remain so until July 10th in the deep, mysterious, and transformative sign of Scorpio. Jupiter is a planet of expansion, beliefs and values, and wealth. This phase will expand and exaggerate your beliefs and values. If you hold negative beliefs about your self, this is the time to dig deeper and purge old, un-serving, and outdated thoughts. This phase will be apt for doing shadow work and will support your journey of transformation. This is also the time to slow down and check in with your inner wisdom.

Before I get to the card reveal, I have another card and its message to share with you that made its way through this week’s reading. The Page of Swords.


Often called the excited but naive and impulsive Page of Tarot, this card brings us a message that we are going to receive many new ideas this week that we can’t wait to try. There will be this impulsive need within us to act and start something new. But not all of these ideas will be based on practical considerations. So don’t rush and most importantly, avoid reckless behavior.

We also need to pay attention to what we say and how we say it. Sometimes, something said in zest with no harm intended can lead to chaos and misunderstandings. This week, pay extra attention to your communication whether through speech, text, or e-mail. Did you know that Mercury Retrograde is about to hit us later during the month on the 22nd and this time it will occur in the hot-headed, bold and impulse-driven sign of Aries? As it so often happens, we start feeling MR effects a week or two prior. So just take care to see you don’t act immaturely where important deals, negotiations, people and matters of significance are concerned. This does not mean you don’t take risks. Just don’t be ready to go all-in without reviewing what you are stepping into.

Okay! Time now to get to the card reveal.

Number 1 – Lapis Lazuli

Beautiful Soul, the lovely 6 of cups has come up for you this week. This is an indication that your past and memories of the past are somehow going to be of relevance to you this week. Someone you have known but lost touch with may pop back into your life. This could be a well-wisher or someone who may have given you much grief and pain. You be the best judge whether to let people in or learn from your mistakes and back off. This is also a good time to kiss and make up or work on reconciliation, especially on the 4th when Mercury-Venus will be conjunct. Just don’t lose yourself and your boundaries.

Often, exes and past acquaintances re-enter our lives so that we can heal something. And this is where you need to be bold and speak your truth. If this is an old crush who you never got the chance to really say how you feel, now is the time to spill the beans. If this is someone who hurt you, now is a time to let them know how you truly feel. Words can heal and you will realize that by just saying what you have held back from saying for so long can instantly give you closure and healing.

There is also a possibility for some of you to pick up something from your past that you left unfinished. A second chance at something, perhaps.

Oh and gifts! Be open to receiving gifts from both the Universe and people. Something pleasant is coming your way that will make you happy.

Work with flowers this week, lovelies. Visit a flower garden or bring home some fresh blossoms that will uplift, cleanse, and purify your living space. White roses are good for purification, yellow lilies help attract wealth, red roses assist in healing your heart and attracting love and plumeria/frangipani can help clear your energy and raise your vibrations. Just go with whatever flower catches your eye.

Last but not the least, as I was stressing earlier, it is important, to be honest about how you feel. Don’t bottle up your feelings. Express yourself in a gentle yet truthful manner. You don’t want to be harsh and hurtful in your words. But at the same time, just be honest about what you think and feel. Someone needs to hear your truth. You will realize how healing this can be and will feel as though a weight was just lifted off of your chest.

Number 2 & Red Jasper

You have to be careful what you ask for this week, sweet peas. Not everything that you desire is good for you. Don’t you worry about how you will figure out if something is right or not-right for you at this time because the Universe will be dishing out several signs and omens your way.

Don’t believe in that kind of stuff? Listen to your self and look deep within for answers. Every situation, decision, or choice is accompanied by a gut feeling. You either feel calm and positive about something or you get a bout of the jitters and a vibe that feels terrible. These signs are important and are leading you towards your answered prayers and helping you avert unpleasant consequences. Pay heed!

The three of wands is a card that promises results and opens the door to new opportunities. But we don’t see a boat or any sign of a return in this card. If you are hoping to see the results of a venture or the manifestation of a goal, you may have to wait a little more. Don’t lose faith, though. The Universe is working behind the scenes and you will soon have the answers. But not without a period of waiting for divine and mystical reasons.

Some of you may be waiting to start a new venture or wondering what direction to choose. Again, don’t be in a rush. You will start seeing many signs and possibly even red flags this week which are there to guide you to the most optimal path.

In the mood to travel? Pick out a serene location surrounded by pristine waters.

Number 3 & Amazonite

Ah! The 8 of wands is saying that your week is going to be busy and full of activity. But you also need to take caution this week to see that you are not taking on more than you can handle and are rushing up stuff. Impulse control seems to be a big theme for this upcoming week, lovelies. Don’t be in a rush to get things going and if things are getting out of control in your world, take a moment to pause and regain your strength before you prepare to tackle the situation at hand. Whatever you set in motion this week, be prepared to deal with the consequences (good or bad) because things will be moving quickly. If someone is pressurizing you to make a decision or act quickly, politely ask for some time and only act after you have given the situation a careful thought.

You also have the message of ‘Sexual Arts’ peering at you. This could turn out to be a hot, sweaty, passionate week for some of you. Be open and expressive with your partner about how you feel and what you need on a sexual level. Drop all inhibitions that surround your sensuality and be more open to both giving and receiving. Some of you need to heal your relationship with your body and self-image. Focus on this topic this week. Get comfortable with being who you are, how you look and feel.

Some of you may be feeling cut off from sexual pleasure while some of you may need to heal your relationship with sex. In either case, working with your sacral chakra can help you heal on an energetic level. Your sacral chakra is also the seat of your creative impulses and by working with it, you are tapping into your creative self-expression.

Wear or carry the color orange with you this week. The Orange fruit also holds some interesting magical properties. It is a symbol of committed love. You may even wanna carry out this simple ritual, if interested. Surround a white and red candle with dried orange peels or rub orange essential oil into them before burning. Set out the intention to heal and make your relationship more loving. Or, you may simply pick up an orange candle, rub it with orange essential oil (options) and meditate while focusing on balancing and healing your sacral chakra.

Last but not the least, if you are traveling this week, make sure you plan well and ahead.

I hope these messages serve to illuminate and offer insights for the upcoming week for you, Shiny Souls. Take what resonates and leave the rest.


Sonnyaa Siingh


To book a personalized guidance reading with me, write to [email protected]. I look forward to being of service to you. Namaste.



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