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Tarot + Oracle Guidance for March 12th to 18th, 2018

Beautiful Souls,

Thank you for being here! Below are the weekly insights for the days of this week. May these insights and guidance messages help you navigate through the week as smoothly as possible. For a more personalized reading, you can reach me at [email protected].

Astro world

Before we get to the guidance messages, here are some things to expect this week from an astrological point of view.

Venus is squaring Saturn on the 13th. This aspect can stir some tension in our relationships. You see, Saturn is a planet of limitations and it is not easy for feelings to flow smoothly in the Saturnine world. When lovey-dovey Venus makes a contact with Saturn, it may become difficult to express our feelings or you may find that the other person is not doing as much in the relationship as you are. Do not treat your romantic partnerships like a business. Talk things out and fix what needs to be fixed. If you find yourself stuck with a partner or a relationship that lacks emotions and love, this day may lead you to do some hard thinking about where you stand and what you should be doing. Venus-Saturn square may also bring up feelings of rejection and self-pity amongst some people. While it helps to surround yourself with loving and supportive people to deal with such emotions, you have to reach out to your inner source of love too and develop your relationship with yourself. Self-love, babes! Some of you also need to work on letting love make its way in. Relax yourself and know that you are worthy of love as much as the other person is.

A Piscean New Moon awaits us on the 17th, folks! New Moon is a time to start new things and Pisces is going to make it a lot more intuitive and personal for us. Vision boards, visualizations, rituals – do what you intuitively feel drawn to and set new intentions for the days ahead. (More on that in an upcoming post)

Red-hot, fiery Mars is entering Capricorn territory on the 17th. The fierce and energetic Mars finds a stable foothold in Capricorn and the weeks ahead see us being more involved and productive in our career.

And now, let’s get to the guidance messages. If you have not chosen a number or a crystal yet, this is the time to relax and go with a number or crystal you are feeling drawn to. When you are done, scroll down to read the corresponding message.

If you chose the number 1 and Clear Quartz, your message for the week comes from Archangel Ariel and the Queen of cups.


This week is about catering to your emotional needs while being grounded, beautiful soul. You are sensitive to your environment and others energies. Like a sponge, you absorb the energy that surrounds you. Sometimes we can do very little to change what is happening in our surrounding but at others, we can be more conscious in choosing what we allow and block from our lives. Choose healthy, positive relationships and experiences when you have a choice. Don’t forget to clear and protect your energy from time to time.

This is also a time for you to express your innermost feelings. Speak your truth where necessary, un-bottle your emotions and allow for creative expression to take place. Your intuition will be quite strong during this phase and it is important to pay heed to your bodily sensations, feelings, and visions.

Archangel Ariel is giving you the thumbs up to be more confident and take action with respect to a matter of importance to you. Do not bide more time. This is a good week to put your plans into action or take that first crucial step towards a goal.

I also see many of you offering support and nurturance to others. People may reach out to you for sympathy and care. Your own duty as a mother, father, daughter, or son towards your family may preoccupy you. Give to others but also draw healthy boundaries where necessary.

If you chose the number 2 and Citrine, your message comes from the 5 of pentacles and Archangel Raguel.



There is a reason for everything that occurs in our life. Do you believe that? Sometimes, as we brave through life’s stormy phases, our confidence and trust in the future takes a hit and we question ourselves, our path, and our life’s purpose. Beautiful Soul, you may find yourself questioning or doubting your self-worth and path this week. Or you may feel uncertain about where you are headed. Archangel Raguel brings you a divinely-timed reassurance that all is how it is meant to be. If you are caught up in an experience that seems unfair, trust that this experience has been put on your path for a valid reason. It will, when all is said and done, make you strong and teach you things that are vital to your unique journey.

Finances and material resources need to be used with care this week. Avoid investing money in items that are not really necessary and deals that seem risky or too good to be true on the surface. Save your pennies, dollars, pounds, and rupees. It is also possible that an upsetting news related to your resources may reach you, this week. Though the situation may appear bleak, don’t let this put you in a negative thought spiral. Looks for practical solutions. Ask for assistance and look around for help. There is surely something that can help you get out of your temporary crisis.

If some of you are involved in a legal situation, this could be a phase where judgment is made in the favor of the truth. If you rightfully deserve something, you will receive it. If you don’t, then accept the facts and move on.

Some of you are also going to get a reality check with regards to your relationship to others. People are more likely to reveal their true colors and intentions, so observe what is being shown to you. Cut the toxic ties that are binding you to unhealthy relationships or patterns and salvage those precious connections which are truly worth it.

Whatever happens in the end, know that all is well and how it is meant to be. Practice acceptance and life will become more peaceful and balanced.

If you chose the number 3 and Amethyst, your message this week comes from the Ace of wands and Archangel Metatron.

A wave of fresh, inspirational energy is about to sweep you off your feet, dearies. If life seemed dull lately, this week is going to fix the blues. You are going to feel renewed energetically and may even be drawn to experimenting with something new. Life doesn’t always hand us new things on a platter. Sometimes, new beginnings start with an inspirational thought or the stirring in our heart to do something differently. Pay heed to such flashes of insights this week and act upon them. If you need guidance on your path, you can even reach out to Archangel Metatron.

Children may be of extra importance to you this week. Volunteer and help causes that support children with special needs – a guidance the Angels are sending your way at this time. Your own children may need special attention this week and it is possible that they are Indigo or crystal children. They may not fit in with the usual types and may need your extra support and encouragement to develop into their beautiful selves. Allow free expression and listen to them. Understand their needs.

This is also an exciting week for relationships, lovelies. Singles, especially, can expect some sparks to fly. Take advantage of what is showing up and have fun. Don’t go figuring out the marriage date or commitment level just yet. Instead, enjoy the moments and be in the present. Existing relationships can also use some exciting moments. Embark on new adventures with your partner. This is also a very fertile week for you folks. If starting a family has been on your minds lately, this is the time (use this information wisely depending on what you need).

This week is about fresh starts, lovelies. Do not wait for things to happen. Grab the opportunity to do things differently and be more proactive in making room for new beginnings. Let your inspiration guide you ahead.

I hope these messages serve you well!

Love, Light, and Angel Blessings

Sonnyaa Siingh

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