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Tarot + Oracle Guidance for March 19th to 25th, 2018

Beautiful Souls,

Thank you for being here for another week of Tarot + Oracle guidance messages.

I don’t know if it was the New Moon in Pisces or something else but I have been feeling the need to withdraw and take out some ‘me-time’ these past few days, which is why I was not very regular with my posts. I needed time to replenish myself and it is an ongoing process, always. But I am feeling a whole lot better and energized today, ready to share some guidance messages for the week ahead.

Before we get to the messages, let’s do some Astro talk.

Mercury is going to be conjunct Venus on the 20th. Combine communication + Love and this makes it a perfect day to express your feelings or even spill the beans to someone about how you feel about them. This combination also creates the right energy to engage in conversations that involve negotiation as people are more receptive and understanding of your opinions and point of views.

On the 21st, Sun will be entering the fiery sign of Aries. It is Aries season folks (happy birthday, guys)! It is said that the Sun enjoys being in Aries because it feels more enthusiastic and bold. This phase will bring you energy and inspiration to move forward and this naturally makes it a good time to go after your desires and passion and also bring more energy to those areas of your life that have been feeling stagnant. But also take note that we are dealing with Fire here. This can also make us impulsive, aggressive, and hot-headed. As we enter Mercury Retrograde season on the 22nd-23rd of March, you will need to keep a tab on your impulsive energy to make sure you are not spinning out of control.

Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Aries on the 22nd/23rd and will remain there until the 15th of April. This is that time of the year when communication can go haywire, technology can betray you, and plans may get upset. One of the advice that we commonly receive for this period is to back up data on our computer, phones or any electronic devices. It is also said that any new purchases should be avoided during this period, so try and make your purchases, now.

Mercury Retrograde pushes us to re-examine our life. So this is also the time when we do well by re-visiting old plans instead of starting new ones. The focus is on fine-tuning and fixing something that is already present and on-going in our life. In short, this is a time of reflection. Use it wisely.

Be careful what you sign up for during this period and do not be swayed by the glittery surface as there is more to things than meets the eye.


Let us now move to the messages for this upcoming week. If you have not done this before, here’s what you need to do.

Take a few deep and relaxing breaths. Set an intention to receive an important guidance that you need to pay attention to this week. Look at the picture below and see what number or set of cards are drawing you in. When you have made your pick, scroll down to see the cards and the corresponding messages. Simple, right? Let’s get started!


If you chose the number 1, your message comes from the Strength card and the High Priestess of Fire.


This week is going to put your strength to test in some way. Sun entering the fiery sign of Aries is going to have a big impact on you guys. A challenge may arise which will call for you to tap into your inner reserves of energy. You got this, beautiful Soul. Use your creative energy to come up with ideas on how to best tackle tricky situations.

Strength is also telling you to use your energy in a creative and gentle way and not in an aggressive and impulsive manner. The toughest of situations can be handled with ease and gentleness. Be bold and draw your boundaries where necessary but don’t go stepping on other people’s foot. Keep your temper in check.

Speaking of creativity, this week will present you with plenty of inspiration. There is no room for boredom with these cards. Make your creations interesting by adding a touch of your individual mark to them. Do not be afraid to deviate a little from monotony and conventional way of doing things.

Display courage and confidence as you navigate through this week and you will attract wonderful miracles and opportunities your way. The element of fire brings passion into your life but remember that too much fire can also burn. Avoid going to extremes.


If you chose the number 2, your cards are 5 of wands and Movement.

The very first message I received for you here is that in order to make progress, sometimes we need to stand up and fight for what we believe in and what we want.

This week, you may have to confront a situation or a person in your life. Sometimes, we have to say what we should and do what we most want to avoid in order to get the job done or free us from stagnancy. Be more bold and expressive in order to get your point across or you risk making forward movement.

Do not put up with something that goes against your beliefs and integrity. Deal with challenges confidently and accept that change doesn’t always come in a gift box with a ribbon on it. If you are tired of being where you are and are feeling stuck, YOU need to do something in order to change things for you. Don’t wait for things to happen.

The 5 of wands also signals competition. You may have to face competition from others. The only way to beat your competition is to be good at what you do. Prep yourself well and give your goal your best shot.

Also, a situation that previously seemed stuck will start showing movement this week.


If you chose the number 3, your cards are the 3 of pentacles and Chaos.


You may have to face some drama this week especially at the workplace. Who likes drama? It can be so draining. It is important to not only communicate effectively with others this week (especially with that Mercury retrograde kicking in) but to also understand when it is important to step away from situations that don’t serve your best interest.

Something you have been working at may present you with sudden challenges which could lead to an unforeseen change. Or, it is simply possible that you may encounter trouble getting a project going. Make sure you pay attention to details and do your best to avoid hassles.

On a deeper note, some of you may experience a chaotic change in your life. It may sound scary and upsetting. But the message that is coming through for you is to be open to accepting things the way they are. When things crumble, think of it as a fresh start to do things differently. Seize the opportunity to start over and avoid making the same mistakes you did, last time.

I hope these messages serve to guide you on your path this week.

Sending you much Love,

Sonnyaa Siingh 


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