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Hello Beautiful Soul,

My name is Sonnyaa Siingh and I am a Tarot, Angel, and Oracle card reader based out of the silicon valley of India, Bangalore.

Was I always a Tarot card reader? Nope. I worked as a flight attendant and a with few IT companies here in India for a while before I took up card slinging, full-time.

How did I get into Tarot? I always had a fascination with the unknown and the mystic arts. Astrology, horoscopes, and Linda Goodman books were a favorite during my growing up years. My mother was a clairvoyant who often has vivid dreams and revealed many mystical and prophetic messages to the people in our neighborhood. She was a healer too and a deeply spiritual woman who had a profound impact on me as a child and adult. She was supportive of my fascination with Tarot and even predicted that if I start treating the cards with respect and took them seriously, they would play a big role in my life. You bet she was right!

I picked up Tarot when I was 19 and learned everything on my own through books, the internet, and the most important thing – practice. Back in 2014, when my mother passed on, I found myself in a very painful yet transformative place in life. I was in a toxic relationship too which ended (thank God for that) quite painfully which further pushed me into a rock bottom abyss. It was at this time that I discovered the Angels. Archangel Michael was introduced to my life and after inviting his assistance, my life took a 365-degree turn for the good. It was at this time that the Angels gave me the message that I should become self-employed and start my own Tarot reading business. I was unhappy with my career because it was something I did just for the money and my soul craved for a life purpose which I had no clue of. But I wasn’t sure if becoming a Tarot reader was my life purpose at the time. I kept denying the messages from the Angels. In the days and months that followed, I grew more dissatisfied with my career. My job started draining me to the point where I would get this mysterious headache when I entered the workplace and the headache would strangely disappear as I left work. The messages from the Angels continued to remain unchanged – Self-employment.

I finally took that big leap of faith and dived in. I didn’t know what direction my life would take. But to my surprise, within a week of quitting my job, a well-known internet site picked up my monthly taroscopes and published them on their website which exposed my work to millions of people all across the world. Within a week, my inbox was flooded with e-mail reading requests and my work has continued growing ever since and helped me come to the place where I am, today. It’s going to be four years of full-time Tarot work now and there is no looking back. Such is the miracle and guidance of Archangel Michael and my guardian Angels that shaped the course of my life. I have been living an enchanted life ever since with two of my feline fur babies Onyx and Ania and my dad.

I now dedicate my life to inspiring, motivating, and bringing insights to other beautiful souls such as you through my Tarot posts and private readings. The work in itself is rewarding and every reading nourishes my soul. I feel like I am a different person when I am attuned and offer a reading.

I thank you for being here and for following my posts, my page, and showing me your support and love. You may not realize but each like and love you send my way gives me a sense of purpose and propels me on my path. So a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU!

I look forward to connecting with you and slinging some cards for you, too. Till then, I hope you enjoy the posts and I hope you find a message that inspires, guides, and brings you some Angelic wisdom, today.


Sonnyaa Siingh


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