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Tarot + Oracle Guidance for March 19th to 25th, 2018

Beautiful Souls, Thank you for being here for another week of Tarot + Oracle guidance messages. I don’t know if it was the New Moon in Pisces or something else but I have been feeling the need to withdraw and take out some ‘me-time’ these past few days, which is why I was not very […]

Tarot + Oracle Guidance for March 12th to 18th, 2018

Beautiful Souls, Thank you for being here! Below are the weekly insights for the days of this week. May these insights and guidance messages help you navigate through the week as smoothly as possible. For a more personalized reading, you can reach me at [email protected] Astro world Before we get to the guidance messages, here […]

Tarot & Astrology Musings

  Mercury and Venus entered the bold and impulsive sign of Aries, yesterday. With Mercury in Aries, your mind is in a good space to invent new ideas and do quick-thinking. But for those who have a tendency to overthink and worry excessively, this placement can result in frazzled nerves and anxiety, as well. There […]

Tarot + Oracle Guidance for 5th to 11th March, 2018

Hello again, Lovely people! Thank you for being here and joining me for another round of Weekly Guidance messages. Let us start by taking a quick look at what’s happening in the astro world. Sun is going to be conjunct Neptune (in India, this conjunction is already in motion but at some other places, this […]

Tarotscopes for 1st to 15th March, 2018

ARIES This fortnight brings success and progress to the hardworking, Aries. If you have worked hard to be somewhere, rest assured that some form of reward is on its way to you. You are also going to be in the limelight, so make good use of the exposure you get, especially at work. It is […]