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Guidance Messages for Wednesday, 18th January 2017

Our guidance today comes from the card ”Have you asked your Angels for help with this?” from the Angel Therapy Oracle cards. As many of us know, our Angels never interfere with our free will and need our permission to intervene and help as they respect the law of free will. Some of you are […]

Guidance Messages for Monday, 16th January 2017

Today’s messages are guiding us to find the missing balance in our life and to have faith that we are overcoming difficulties and challenges. If you have experienced a hard time lately or are caught up in a challenging situation, know that divine support is and will be made available to you, today. Solutions will […]

Angel-Tarot Message for July 11th 2016

Today’s messages come to us from the Unicorns and the Fae. Who doesn’t love having a good laugh? The Unicorns are pure and high vibrational beings who are here to helps us cheer up, today. We all could use a little touch of fun, laughter and joy, especially if life has turned gloomy and dismal […]

Angel-Tarot Message for July 5th 2016

Our cards today are indicative of the energy of rest, relaxation, and slowing down. With the New Moon in Cancer energy, we may already be journeying within, feeling more connected to our home and inner world, playing see-saw with our moods, and finding it hard to get out of bed. Today’s energy is about turning […]

Angel-Tarot Message for July 3rd 2016

8 of Wands & Listen to your true feelings Hello, beautiful people and a Happy Sunday to you! Our Tarot card of the day is 8 of wands. This card’s energy makes things happen. It brings a busy vibe to our day, which could make this Sunday a busy one for some of us. Delays […]