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Guidance Message for October 23rd 2017

Beautiful Souls, Happy Monday! Our message for today comes from the piercingly clarifying, Ace of Swords, and the card of victory and success, 6 of wands. Mmm, I like the sound of victory on a Monday. Today, many of you may gain an important insight or receive an important piece of information that will help […]

Guidance Messages for October 22nd 2017

Lovely Souls, Do you fear change? Who doesn’t, right? After all, we don’t know what the unknown has in store for us. Our card today, the Wheel of Fortune, is showing us that we are on some level undergoing a shift at this time. This could be a shift in perspective or a massive upheaval […]

Guidance Messages for 21st October 2017

Beautiful Souls, Do you often feel overwhelmed by choices? There are so many things to do, to pick and choose from. What will be the best option to go with, for you? You may be in a similar spot right now. You may have some important choices or decisions to make. And spirit brings you […]

Daily Guidance for 18th October 2017

Beautiful Souls, Our cards today remind me of the saying, ‘’A watched pot never boils’’. The 7 of Pentacles card shows me someone who has worked hard for their dreams and goals. After doing all the legwork, it is only natural to expect to see the fruits of your labor. But sometimes, these fruits take […]

Daily Guidance for 17th October 2017

Beautiful People, Today, some of you may feel as though you are walking all alone, out in the cold. There could be issues surrounding money and partnerships. You may be seeking help or looking for a direction in life. The 5 of pentacles is not an easy card. But could it be possible that you […]