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Beautiful Souls, Moon prepares to journey into the sign of Pisces on the 5th and will blossom into a gorgeous Full Moon on the 6th. Pisces is an imaginative, artistic, sensitive, poetic, and a moody sign. In this post, I would like to share some information on what to expect during this lunar phase and […]

Lunar Guidance – Moon in Aquarius

Beautiful Souls, The Moon has moved into the inventive sign of Aquarius, today. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn (old association). Uranus contributes to its rebellious nature while Saturn, which is often known to lay restrictions on our path, pushes Aquarians to break out of old, mundane routines and seek newer ways of doing […]

Lunar Guidance for Moon in Capricorn

This evening, the Moon enters Capricorn. After its sojourn in the expansive, adventure-seeking Sagittarius, Capricorn energy now demands that we get focused, serious-minded, and disciplined. We may have a strong need to feel productive during this phase. hence, practical and tangible matters will be given more preference. As the waxing moon grows with each passing […]

Lunar Guidance for Moon in Sagittarius

Beautiful Souls, Today, I was guided to write about the current moon phase and draw few cards to channel a message for us as a collective. Moon not only affects our emotions but also the entire planet earth. It’s cycles govern our feelings and energy, increase/decrease our sensitivity levels and even dictate the quality of […]