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Tarot-Oracle Guidance for April 17th 2017

Our cards for today are the 5 of wands, 2 of pentacles, 8 of wands and the message ”Open your heart” from the flower kingdom.   Here are my thoughts: There seems to be some conflict, competition, and tension in the air, today. You may feel as though the world is working against you and […]

A Message for Halloween

Card 1 – Ancient wisdom. You are a wise soul and within you rests wisdom going back to several lifetimes. You always have a sense of knowing what is right. Now is the time to rely on your deep innate knowledge. What is your intuition pointing at? What has your past experience in this lifetime […]

Message from Mooniverse – Transit Moon in Taurus (18th to 20th October)

After spending a few days in the intense and active Aries, the moon now moves into the comfortable, security-loving, and sensual sign of Taurus (18th morning Eastern Hemisphere and 17th evening in the Western Hemisphere). Now that the big boom of energy is over, it’s time to relax, recuperate, and rejuvenate. Who better than Taurus […]

Black Moon Oracle card reading for September 30th 2016

Hello Everyone, September has been quite an eventful month energy-wise and astrologically, too. Tomorrow (30th September) is the Black Moon night. A Black Moon is said to occur when two New Moon’s fall in the same month. Most places in the world will witness this phenomenon on the 30th and some will have just another […]

Choose your September 2016 Guidance Message

Hey guys, This month, I felt like doing something different. Initially, I wanted to post messages for each zodiac sign but no matter how much I tried, it seemed as if I was being guided to do something different. As I sat wondering what and how, I received this idea and I am more than […]