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1) Can I look into your future?

Yes and No. While Tarot is a very popular tool that has been used for divination for decades, oftentimes, people forget that one of its main functions is to offer guidance. Yes, you do get a sneak peek into your immediate future, but it is also important to note that nothing is written in stone. You receive a snapshot of your immediate future, depending on where you are in life at the moment and your circumstances. Many times, you can change the outcome if you are not happy, or at least be prepared mentally to deal with the challenges ahead.

2) Do I have to be present in person for the reading?

No. All I need is your permission to read for you, no matter where you are located. It is the intention and the energy that counts.

3) Can I get a mini sample reading before going for a paid reading?

Many times, I try to offer mini readings on my facebook page – www.facebook.com/tarotwithsonja. However, it is physically impossible to read for each and everyone. I do not guarantee a free reading.

4) Can I pay you after the reading is complete?

No. Like any legit business requires, you need to first make the payment. Please do not schedule an appointment first and expect to have a reading, failing to make the payment first.

5) What all information do you need to read for me?

I just need your first name, date of birth and the question. For e-mail readings, a picture is helpful. But it is optional.

6) Aren’t you supposed to find out my question?

Many people have the impression that Tarot readers can read your mind and tell you what is going in your life. The cards definitely show a general overview of your life, but it is hard to be very clear and specific without having a question. With Tarot, what you give is what you get. Which means, the more specific your question is, the more specific answers you receive. Having no question is like going to a doctor and saying ‘why don’t you determine what’s going on with me?’ without explaining any symptoms. The more vague your questions are, the more vague your answers are going to be.

7) Are you a psychic?

I would say I am more of an intuitive person than a psychic. There are Tarot readers who are psychic and then there are those who are not. What is important to note is that Tarot card reading does not require one to be a psychic.

8) Do you perform spell work and magick?

No. Only pure, unadulterated Tarot card readings.

9) Can you tell me what my ex bf feels about Jane Doe?

I do not offer spy readings. Spying on someone is violating their free will and I consider it unethical. I can tell you how your ex bf views you currently, though.

10) Can you answer questions about life span and death?


11) Can you tell me about my health condition?

Tarot is a tool that can help you see where you can achieve more balance in your life to enjoy good health. However, I highly recommend seeking medical help or consulting a medical practitioner for health issues.

12) What is your refund policy?

No refund will be offered once the reading is complete.

13) What is your cancellation policy?

If you would like to cancel a scheduled appointment, please let me know at least 48 hours in advance and I will be happy to refund the full amount, if the payment is already made.

If you cancel 24 hours in advance, you will forfeit 50% of your payment.

If you cancel on the day the appointment is scheduled, a refund will not be offered.

14) What if it is a face to face person?

Same policy applies. However, if you don’t show up on the day of the appointment, I will not be reading for you in the future. Punctuality and work ethics matters a lot to me.

15) Can you explain?

Please understand that when you book a reading, I am scheduling my day and other readings per your appointment. I am taking that particular time out just for your reading and last minute cancellations not only disrupt the schedule but also affect my work efficiency. Any legit business would expect the same.

16) Can I reschedule? 

Yes. But you are required to make a second payment.

17) Your predictions were incorrect for me. 

No Tarot reader will offer you guarantee about the readings as the future is not set in stone. Yes, the cards do predict a possible outcome, however, various external and internal conditions also play an important role. A classic example is, you ask a Tarot reader whether you will find a job and the cards show that you will. This prediction will be of zero effect if you take it to heart and don’t put in efforts from your side. Tarot is a tool of guidance that talks about possibilities and empowers you to take action steps to change your life and help achieve your desired outcome. In the end, you are in control of your life, not the cards.

18) How does e-mail reading work?

Once the payment is made, I will get in touch with you to make sure I understand your questions correctly. The average turnaround time is 24-48 hours. This can vary depending on my schedule.

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