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I offer readings via e-mail, skype and in person (if you are in Bangalore, India). The most convenient mode of payment is through paypal and/or online bank transfer. Please send me an e-mail at [email protected] or pm at www.facebook.com/tarotwithsonja with your questions and concerns first. This will help me determine if I can answer your questions through the cards and also schedule an appointment for your reading. E-mail readings are usually returned within 24 hours, except when I am unavailable or cannot get to your reading for various reasons. You will be given a timeframe by when you can expect your reading. Take a look at the options below:


This option is ideal if you have just one specific question to ask. Click here to purchase.


This reading explores what lesson in life you are learning at this time, what can help you learn this lesson and what challenges or setbacks you need to avoid. It will also shows you what lies ahead if you master the current lesson.

To purchase this reading, click here


A quick reading to understand who you are, who you have been and who you are becoming, along with a Goddess message. This reading will help you understand if you are in alignment with who you really are.

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One of the most common questions I get is – What is my life purpose? This reading will help you receive guidance related to your life purpose and how you can go about fulfilling it. Please bear in mind, our life purpose may or may not be one specific job or role. It can be many things and this reading will focus on what is important for you, at this time.

To Purchase this reading, click here.

If you are located in India, the charges are as follows: 

15 minutes Skype or Phone reading: Rs. 800

30 minutes Skype or Phone reading: Rs. 1,500

One Question e-mail reading: Rs. 450


  1. Wink Wilson Wink Wilson
    April 4, 2015    

    would be very interested if you’re for real.

  2. Taman Taman
    April 9, 2015    

    Amazing Readings!!! Must try for everyone, it would give you directions…

  3. elle elle
    May 5, 2015    

    Would like to know what sort of readings you offer?

  4. Gigi Gigi
    May 24, 2015    

    I would say I have 5 questions for you. How much would that cost ?

  5. elle elle
    May 25, 2015    

    Not too long ago I asked you a couple of questions and you emailed me your answers – I cannot find these responses – will you please send me a copy if you have one?
    Pls advise
    elle eaton smith

  6. Vanessa Gotz Vanessa Gotz
    August 31, 2015    

    I would like to have a reading please. However I am not sure which one would be the most suitable for me. Perhaps the individual monthly reading would give me clarification . 😓

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